Monday, November 17, 2014

The new squad in Mahajanga

Hey everyone!! How's it going? Hope all is cold and well over there. I heard there was some snow? What's that? Well whatever that is, we sure got none of it here. It's hot and only getting even hotter and more humid. Hoping we get some rain on Christmas though! Anyways, I'll stop complaining about the heat and get on with other stuff.

So this week all the transfers went down! And for here it all worked out about as perfectly as you could ask for it. On Wednesday night I took Razaza to the airport. We had some time before he had to board, so we waited and there came Elder Cartmill, on the same plane that would be taking Razaza out to Tana. So you couldn't really ask for a more perfect situation. I never had to be by myself. No, I didn't get to fly anywhere, just picked up Elder Cartmill from the airport, but it's all good. We got back to the house, dumped his luggage off and went straight to work with the time we had left that evening. So far it's been really fun working with him. He's originally from Utah, but has been in North Dakota for most of his life. When he's done with his mission he's gonna attend school at the U. We're both kinda dorks, so we've gotten along pretty well. He's american and speaks english, so it's been a little bit of a readjustment talking in English so much. But I'm getting better at it! He just got back from working down in Antsirabe where it's really cold. And now he's in the hottest place in the mission! So that's gotta be fun for him. He hasn't died yet, so at least that's something. But yeah, so far I'm loving the new change.

Let's see... I don't have a whole lot of news off of the top of my head that I can think of other than that. This is awkward... Uhm. Oh! Bebe and Dadabe finally made it to church! We were sitting there in the chapel and the sacrament had just gotten done. I had almost given up hope of seeing them at church when through the opening doors they walk in! That made me oh so happy. We had watched the Restoration DVD with them the day before and talked about how Joseph Smith got an answer to his prayer about the truth. He didn't decide all of a sudden to go out in the woods to pray and voila. No. There was a lot of stuff that happened before that. He had to work! He had to read the scriptures and study it out. He had to get out and attend different churches. He had that disire. The answer came because he worked at it. So that was a really good lesson about how faith requires work, and I think it really pushed them to get out and come to church. Way cool!

Let's see... I ate crab for the first time today. It's called foza in the official dialect, but here it's drakaka! I swear they have a different word for the most random things out here. Before the mission I wasn't much of a seafood person, but I think I'm now turning into a fish because I like it so much. Yummy :)

Anyhoo, I'll probably have more exciting adventures for y'all next week. For now we're kinda in a rush. Lots of stuff we have planned to do today, like deep clean the house, shopping. Oh yeah. It's gonna be a blast. Love you all! Have an awesome week! Enjoy the few pics I got up on the bucket too. Tiako be ianareo!!


Elder Mumf

Eating some drakaka! (crab)

A member's drawing of Elder Mumford! I didn't know I had earrings though

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