Monday, January 26, 2015

The untitled email of life in 67ha

Well the cyclone is gone, but everyone says there's gonna be another one coming that's more powerful. We'll see if that ever happens. For now it still rains about every day and I still get to kick off my sunday shoes and wade through some knee deep water. We've had investigators call us and warn us about all the water around their houses. That doesn't stop us though! It almost feels like it could be a Fear Factor challenge. Especially when it's dark and you can't see anything, just feel random stuff brushing up against the legs. I just try not to think about it. And of course I wash my legs down reeeeally good when we get home. Oh the joys of being back in Tana.

So not a whole lot interesting happened this week. We're still trying to find families that will learn from us. I've realized that going around to members is good and all, but it doesn't help the finding new people much when they got no referrals. So we've started tracting a little more. Got some contacts and phone numbers, so hopefully we'll be in business this week with some newbies. This week we got to go on a split with the zone leaders and I got to stay in 67ha with Elder Rousch. And that day our program was filled with brand new people or people I had only seen their house once. I may have got us lost a couple of times, but I surprised myself and was actually able to find everyone eventually. I guess it was good seeing as I could be getting a new companion in a week. That's right, transfers are a week away! I like Elder Tiu just fine, but if I get a new comp that means I'll get outta here faster. It's not that I hate it here, it's just that literally everywhere else is better. But for now I'll keep chugging along and enjoy what I can.

This week also we got a surprise guest at our Ward Conference. President Adams! So I got to sit with him in the congregation and be his translator. Boy. It's one thing to know another language, but another to sit and translate it in real time! There was a few things I missed because everyone was speaking so fast, but I think I did alright. When they were doing the sustainings I saw something I had never before seen in my life, someone opposed. Nothing happened right then but I think there was a little chat afterwards with the people. The ward here is struggling. There's not really any leaders to speak of. There has not been one ward council since I've been here. I've seen before in the mish where when the missionaries and members work together things just go smooth. But that's not the case here. I sure hope things will get better soon. Right now we basically feel like we're working alone. But either way, just doing my best to help the work here progress.

To be honest I don't really have much else. Nothing too weird happened this week. Or maybe interesting stuff happens and I just don't notice it anymore because it's kinda the norm. But next week I'll try to get some stories and experiences up. Sorry this one is kinda lame, but just wanna let you all know that I love you all and I'm so glad I have all of your support. You guys are the tsara indrindra. Have a great week!

-Elder Mumford

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Great Cyclone of 2015

Hey hey everyone! Yep. As you can tell from the subject, we had a cyclone here. But no worries, it was just a wimpy one. Just lots and lots and lots of rain. So it's been an adventure trying to keep dry in this place. Crocs are ugly, but useful when you get to wade through knee deep water! So yeah, that's been the big news this week. But it's looking like it's drying up, so that's good. And I'm actually 100% healthy finally! No cold or anything like that, just back to good ole Elder Mumford.

This week started off interesting when we got our phone pick-pocketed! At least we think that's what happened. I didn't have the phone at the time. So we went a couple of days without being able to call anyone, but luckily the office had an extra one for us. That's another downside of the city, lots of sneaky people who know all the tricks to get your stuff! But we're being more careful about it.

The work has been going a little bit better this week. Whenever we have extra time we always try to get to know our members a little better and try to get contacts out of it. Door to door is necessary when you have absolutely nothing left, but usually we've been able to find more effective ways to do it. People here are a little more annoying on the streets here. More racial slurs thrown at us. But when you actually respond to them and make it known that you know exactly what they're saying they just put their head down in shame. Honestly it feels kinda good when that happens. We still don't really have a bishop. I mean he's there, he just doesn't do much. I don't quite know why we don't have a new one yet... There's even a counselor that doesn't even live in the ward technically but won't leave because he's about the only thing left that the ward is standing on. Haha. So the ward is struggling a little, but we're doing our best to be a blessing to it and help it get back where it needs to be.

I'm having a really hard time thinking of anything else that really happened this week... One morning the APs just randomly showed up at our house to do a split with us and the other Elders. We got to go with Elder Weber. He's in the same group as Elder Fisher and it was fun having him tag along all day. We talked a lot about what I think is gonna happen for transfer news. Still have a couple weeks, and I'm not going anywhere but it could still affect my future. We'll see what happens! Our shower broke. We had one of those wand things, but the hose burst. So now to take a shower we have to take a bucket and keep filling it up and dumping it on ourselves. It's pretty rad. Oh and I also have 6 months left on the mish this week. Pretty crazy to think about that, it's coming up so fast!! Just trying to enjoy every minute I have left and working hard at it.

Anyways, we're kinda rushed. Gotta get back to work. Love you all so much!! Have an awesome week. Oh and I also got pics up this week, so ankafizo that!! Tiako ianareo!

That vazongo in Mada,
Elder Mumford

Pictures from Mahajanga

Pictures from 67ha

It's breathing...

Just washing clothes in the poop river