Monday, October 7, 2013

2 Months in!

       It's weird to think I've been gone 2 months! On one hand, it feels like I've been in country for 2 months, but at the same time it's gone by pretty fast. I tried to explain it earlier, but there isn't a logical way. Time on a mission is just weird like that I guess!
       The word of the week is 'lena' (wet). Very lena this week, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday where it just rained all day. And I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but I left my rain jacket in one of my bags in Tana right before they shipped us off to Tamatave. We were so rushed to get all of our stuff together in one bag that somehow I took off without it! So by the end of Tuesday it looked like I had just hopped in a swimming pool! Haha. Luckily since then, Elder Jensen from our group has been letting me use his until the office can get mine back to me. He doesn't ride a bike, so he just uses his umbrella anyways. So that worked out nicely!
       The week has been interesting as far as teaching goes. About 70% of our times have been falling through where nobody's home. We even call them the day of to confirm the visit with them and they still don't keep them. Malagasies. Kindest people you will ever meet, but they're not the most punctual! Haha. Oh well, it usually isn't that bad, just one of those weeks. We got to do some contacting and got a return appointment from tracting, so that was good!
       I've heard things with the government back home aren't doing so hot. Haven't heard much, just that things are shutting down? Anyways, if any of you have looked up news about Madagascar lately there's an election coming up on the 25th. It's been pushed back several times, but it looks like it's actually gonna happen this time. Propaganda everywhere. Busses go around and just boom music advertising for their candidates. It's interesting to be here during it. One of the Malagasy Elders, Elder Razafimandimby, says that when the results come out things are going to get crazy. There could be riots and stuff, so we could be on lockdown for a couple weeks in our house. Hope not! But whatever happens I know I'll be perfectly safe. I don't bring all this up to scare anyone, just something to talk about I guess!
       Enough of crazy government talk. Haha! The language is still coming along. Slowly but surely! Still not really able to communicate with anyone very well, but every once and a while in lessons I'll have sparks where I understand everything for a minute or two. I've heard that's where it all starts, understanding things here and there and just filling in those gaps over time. I know that if I just put some toilet paper and some kindling with those sparks, that over time they'll grow and begin to turn into embers of warmth and the flame of understanding who's brightness overcomes the void and darkness of confusion. And then I'll roast some Spam on it! Mwahaha! I hope all of you enjoyed that incredibly tacky metaphor. I should write a book. ;)
       There's not really much else to say about this week. Today we just went to a field and played some soccer, but didn't go to the beach this week so that we could actually get some things done. I'll put some pictures up! Hope everyone is doing well! Tiako ianareo!!

-Elder Mumford

What Ariarys look like! Pretty cool.

There's the chapel!

Giant spiders outside our house! This one is about the size of my hand stretched out. 

Every once and a while we'll get these in the house. A little lizard! Or gecko? I dunno, but they look cool! Crazy fast too.

So... One of our investigators wasn't feeling well and asked if one of us could give him a full back massage. Elder Moulton passed, so I had no choice. So I just went for it. Coconut oil and all! The things we do for investigators.

Just rockin my bike helmet!

A cute malagasy kid!

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