Monday, October 14, 2013


       Another week down! Seems like just a minute ago I was here typing my email for last week. Crazy stuff! Just in case anyone is wondering, we do email at what's called a Cyber Cafe. It's way nice, just a bunch of computers in a building. 
       This week has been way busy! It's so nice to have a full schedule and not have people dropping out of their times at the last minute. That's definitely made the days go by faster. Haha not that I'm in a hurry to get out of here, it's just so nice to come home after being out in the hot weather all day. And especially on sunday nights. It is such a liberating feeling coming home on P-day eve! Haha. But it's been fun teaching. I've been playing more of a role in the lessons, which has kinda forced me to come out of my shell a little bit. The language barrier is still there like a big wall, but with every lesson I'm making strides to beat it down. I'm not as afraid to say things even if I make a fool out of myself like I was the first day. I've found that things stick better when I just try. And when I make mistakes, I know for next time the way to say it! Plus I've been reading Ny Bokin'i Mormon which helps a ton with the pronunciation. The big words that seemed daunting to me at first are nothing now. All in all, I'm making some strides amin' ny teny malagasy.
       I got a request to talk a little bit more about the culture. So here it goes! The houses here are very very small. I'd say the average house is about the size of the standard living room back home, with beds and all. But it's nice and cozy at least! The people are very nice. I've heard they're a little unforgiving when it comes to vazahas learning the language as opposed to Tana. But they still appreciate that I'm trying. One weird thing. Breastfeeding. Perfectly acceptable in any social situation to them. Sometimes in lessons, a baby will be crying and so the mom will just start breastfeeding. So strange! Let's see... Everyday I get at least a hundred "Bonjour vazaha!"s. Kindof annoying, but I'll just have to get used to it. Other things.. At meals, the oldest always eats first. It's very impolite to express gratitude for food, cause I guess when you say thanks it's implying that you weren't expecting to get food or something. Weird! So sometimes I say 'misaotra' out of habit. Need to stop that! The streets are pretty crowded with people trying to sell random stuff. The people here stare at us hardcore. It's kinda fun to catch people looking at you and then staring them down and making them feel awkward. Haha! Sad what becomes entertaining out here. If I think of any other cultural things, I'll be sure to write them in other emails, but that's about all I have for now. As for animals we see here, not much actually. Still haven't gone and seen any lemurs. Funny story, we walk in one night and there's a giant spider, and three geckos on the wall. So we tried to scare the geckos to go by the spider and to eat it! Haha, it didn't work and the spider got loose in the house. Everyone was loosing their minds! We will catch that spider one of these days. I've seen some huge cockroaches here. They're not the hissing ones that are usually associated with Mada, just big normal ones. It's so stress relieving to get a lighter and some kind of flammable spray and to torch them outside! Haha, don't worry, we're careful with that kind of stuff. But it's way fun, I'll have to get a video!
       Not much else to share about this week. I'm sorry if I'm kinda lame with these emails... But it's kinda the same story every day. Go out in the hot, teach all day, and come home and sleep. Haha. I'll put on some pics and get to some personal emails. Thank you all for your love and support for me! My pday emailing time is packed thanks to all of you! Haha I love y'all!

Tiako ianareo!

-Elder Mumford
I will go, I will do!

The busy streets of Tamatave!

 They have Nesquik here! The milk is a little different here, but still way good. 

The BEST vanilla icecream I've ever had. I'm craving it now.

A random turtle we found in front of our house! We named him Jeff :)

A little complex in Tamatave that looks almost like Hollywood! Haha I thought it looked kinda cool.

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