Monday, November 25, 2013

Gobble Gobble Gobble!!

       Salama daholo indray! Another week just disappeared. But it's been a good one. Kindof like last week, not too much new. But we are celebrating thanksgiving today!! More on that later.

      So this week we had our first district meeting since I've been here. We had President and Sister Adams come up as well as someone from the Seventy. But now I'm beginning to think it's a former seventy cause his picture isn't up along with all of the general authorities... Anyways. I don't know his name, just that it was something weird. And he's a big guy from Africa. He was way cool though! Funny little story. He went around shaking all of our hands and he got to me and read my name tag and said, "Mum". I told him it was MumFORD and he said to me again, "No, just Mum". Haha. So there y'all have it. I'm just Elder Mum now ;) We had three meetings, a priesthood and a general one on saturday and another general session yesterday. To be honest, I was pretty bad at paying attention... The Seventy's accent was kindof hard to understand, plus President and Sister Adams spoke French, so... Yeah. And everything was being translated into Malagasy, so it was hard for me to keep going back and forth between languages. But I still enjoyed it. Haha don't have much else to say about that!

     The language is still coming along. Did another split this week with an Elder from the other house named Elder Horne. Didn't go quite as smooth as the one with Elder Jensen, but I was still able to lead the area pretty well. And like I said in my last letter, things are starting to become a little more automatic for me as far as what to say in malagasy. Still learning all the time, but It'll come. I know it will!

      So this letter might be a little rushed because we're all kindof in a hurry to get on to the thanksgiving festivities, but I got a few questions so I'll try to answer them! At least the ones that I know. You can get about anything here in Madagsascar. It's just a matter of how much you're willing to pay. They don't really have white shirts or good pants to buy, but pretty much anything else as far as clothes go you can find if you look for it. Most of the missionaries are in three areas: Tana, Antsirabe, and here in Tamatave. But there are a very select few in a couple areas. There's only two in Fort D (The place that every missionary dreams of going) and two out in Toliary, another cool place. And there's a few up in Mahajanga, which is one of the very few places in Mada that you can see those Baobab trees. As far as the work goes, we have a pretty full schedule with lots of appointments. We've only tracted maybe twice now. We teach a lot of recent converts too. It's fun! And drinks, there's a lot to choose from. Coke pretty much has a monopoly here as far as beverages. The soda here is SO good cause they use real sugar. You can get Sprite, Fanta, and lots of other stuff. The fruit juice is also amazing here. Anyways, hope you guys found some of that interesting!

    So for thanksgiving, YES, we did get our own turkey! We got a live one on friday and kept it in the back. And if any of you are worried, yes it got approved. And yes, we did kill it this morning. I wasn't there to witness it. I'm not really squeamish, it's just something I didn't really have a need to see. It's in the oven as we speak! I'm way excited for it. No one celebrates thanksgiving here except us vazahas. Won't be quite like dinner back home, but it will do for now!

     Anyways, I can't really think of anything else to say... But I'll get a few pictures up. Everyone have a great thanksgiving!! You guys better miss me ;) Haha I kid, but hope it's a good one! Love you all! Tiako ianareo.

     -Elder Mumford

Our pet turkey!! Well it WAS our pet... Haha!

Can never go wrong with a nice sunset picture.

A very muggy morning here in Toamasina!

I was talking about these earlier, they're posiposys! It's the main way people get around. Pretty slow, but it's nice to ride around in one sometimes.

Elder Razafimandimby just chilling on the roof. Crazy kid!

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