Monday, December 2, 2013


       Manahoana! Inona no vaovao any aminareo? Tsy dia misy aminay. Mbola mianatra ny teny gasy ary mampianatra ny olona ny filazantsara! Haha all I said was, what's new with y'all? Nothing new with us. Still learning malagasy and teaching people the gospel. Pretty much my life story right now, and I'm loving it!

       Is it December already?? Dang. It sure doesn't feel like it here! It's hotter than it's ever been since I've been here. It's hot! But I think one of the things I'm most thankful for here is air conditioning. It gets cold enough in our room now that I'm actually using a blanket! How crazy is that? Haha :) Speaking of thanks, our Thanksgiving feast was so good last Monday! The turkey was seriously one of the best I've ever had. And we even had stuffing and mashed potatoes. I was stuffed! There was a glimpse where it actually felt like Thanksgiving back home, it was that good. No pumpkin pie or grapefruit cocktail though. Maybe next year! Anyways, after the feast everyone just crashed and took a nap for an hour. One of the best Pdays ever! But when the actual thanksgiving day came it didn't feel like it at all. During the day I had to keep reminding myself, "Oh yeah! Today's Thanksgiving..." Haha. At least we celebrated it, even if it was a little early.

       Another good week as far as missionary work goes. Everyone is getting a little antsy cause we have transfer news coming up this Sunday. And it's extremely likely Elder Moulton is bouncing, cause he's been here 6 months and usually missionaries here don't stay longer. I'm a little nervous to see what's in store for me... There's a small chance I could be training. President Adams has been doing that a lot lately, having trainers that have only been in country for 12 weeks. But we'll see what happens!

        The language is still a work in progress. This week I was starting to notice that I'm understanding a lot better. Like people would just be talking and I was pretty surprised like, "What the... I know exactly what they're talking about!" Haha it's a pretty good feeling. Now it's just being able to speak that's still kindof rough, but at least I've pretty much got half the equation!

       Let's see... Not much else new. Just still teaching and sweating like crazy. I've kindof slacked on the 40 day Book of Mormon challenge. My goal was to get through Alma this week, but I only got to chapter 43. Oh well! Hopefully I'm on track to finishing in time. But I've really enjoyed reading it!

       Can't think of anything else.. I'll get some pictures up! Thanks for all your support! I love you guys :) Tiako ianareo! Mandra-pihaona!

-Elder Mumford

Our delicious turkey!

This is what my plate looked like: mashed potatoes and gravy, some alfredo, stuffing, petit pans, and the turkey of course. Way good meal!

So I was playing around with my camera and found all these crazy settings I had no idea were there! This is a panorama I took of the balcony of the church. Pretty nice view of Mangarivotra.

This is what a pineapple plant looks like! I had no idea how they grew before.

We got up super early today to go watch the sunrise at 5. It was kinda cloudy, so not the greatest, but still a nice sunrise!

Today we went to this one place with these way funky trees. They're huge!

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