Monday, August 25, 2014

Mumford in Mahajanga

Ino Kabary!? Hey everyone! Well. It took a week, but I finally made it to Mahajanga! I'll tell a little more about it later, it's been kindof a crazy week leading up to it.

So Ankorondrano just got two more Elders. Elder Thompson is now working with Elder Leroux, a french guy and Elder Davis, a scottish guy. And yes, he's exactly what you'd imagine a scottish person to be, with red hair and a very thick sco-ish accent. He's so funny, I freakin loved being with him for a little bit. Anyways, along with that another Elder came to Ivandry to replace Elder Lambert who's going to Fort Dauphin. Elder Baker is his name. And everyone had to stay for Saturday because we had a zone conference with a Seventy. So there were 8 of us in our little house. It made for an interesting week. I had a hard time packing cause everyone else had all of there stuff scattered around. But it was still fun. We worked out lots of splits, I was kindof all over the place. It was kinda hectic getting all ready and stuff, but it all worked out in the end.

Like I said before, we had a zone conference with a Seventy, Elder Hamilton. It was fun cause I got to see everyone that works in Tana as well as those that work out in far provinces, like Fort D and Tolear and of course, Mahajanga :) The training we received in the conference was excellent. He answered a lot of our questions and concerns regarding our mission in particular. And just his model of teaching was also something I got a lot from. He taught by asking a lot of questions and then going into the doctrine of it all and tying things together.  We also got one big picture of everyone which I'll probably have by next week. So be watching for that!

There's just so much to talk about and such little time that this will probably seem a little rushed, but hopefully that's okay. So on Sunday morning I had no idea what arrangements were being made for me to get to the airport and it turns out that neither did anyone else! Haha so I'm glad I called someone. An office couple came and picked me and my new companion up and took us out to the airport. Man. That was such a weird experience being at that place again after a year. There was security to go through... That itself was weird to me. So many white people too. But we got through all of that fun stuff and got on the plane. Now, you might be thinking it was some tiny sketchy plane we got on, but it wasn't. I wish I got a picture of it, but it was pretty much like any other one you see in America, just smaller. It's funny cause while I was in there I was half expecting a receiver guy to come down the isles to ask for the fare like they do on the little busses, but instead they brought me a coke and some cashews. That was a nice little change! In less than an hour we got there and we saw Elder Evans, a former AP, along with his dad who's a Seventy! I didn't have much time with them cause they were boarding a flight back to Tana, but it was so good to bump into them before they left. Then we got our bags and headed to the house.

Our house is so cool too! It has 7 or 8 rooms in it and they're all seperated, as in you have to walk outside to go from room to room. I love it! And there's air conditioning in about every room, so I'll survive. One thing about Mahajanga. It's one of the coolest and unique places in Madagascar, the only kinda down side is that it's hot. It's the hottest place in the mission. And we're coming around to September, October, November, the hottest time of the year. So! It'll be fun :) I think though that my time in Tamatave last year will help me adjust to it better since I already have an idea of what the heat is like here. I've already drank almost 3 liters of water today, probably will have another 3 more. But other than the heat, I absolutely love it here. It reminds me a lot of Tamatave with a little more of an African twist on things. I still haven't seen much of it, including the beach, but that'll come soon and I'll have more pictures up next week. But this place is pretty freakin cool and I'm excited to be working here with my new companion Elder Razazarohavana. He's a way nice guy and it'll be nice getting some more malagasy practice in.

Anyways, we're leaving now so I guess I better go! I tried to get some pictures up on photobucket of Mahajanga, but it's going pretty slow. But next week for sure I'll have more up. Love you guys. 
Soava dia!!!

-Elder Mumf

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