Monday, May 18, 2015

Another week in the Sparkling Waters

Wow. Another week gone like that! Since I've got here the time has just gone another level of fast. It slowed down a little bit like it usually does when you start off in a new area and you're still getting to know things. But it's felt like the big ball drop they do on New Years Eve. When it's first released it's not going so fast, but it steadily gains more and more speed until all of a sudden it's a new year. And that's how I feel right now, that I'm at the highest speed I've ever gone and I'm a fraction of a second away from the end. Weird. Anyways...

This week has been pretty balling. We got in a full one! It wasn't transfer week, or District Conference week, just a good normal week full of work. On Monday we got to go out to Lake Tritriva! It was so cool. We drove way the heck out there in the middle of nowhere, parked the car, and went on a little hike up a mountain and down a crater where lies Lake Tritriva. It reminded me exactly of hiking through the Uintahs. The smell and the feel of everything was just so fresh. I got some good pictures, so don't you worry! Except I may have forgotten my SD card adapter, so it might have to wait until next week... We'll see! So there was my adventure last week. Today we're just gonna chill I think. Maybe play board games at the other Elders' house. Ho hitantsika!

Random thing. So bricks that people use to build houses here are a joke. They are literally just dirt that have been formed into blocks. Me and Elder Mack have been doing this new thing where whenever we see bricks lying around that nobody cares about, we pretend to be buff and karate chop them in half. And when people build walls or houses out of them, they aren't held together by anything. So if there ever happens to be an earthquake or natural disaster here, everything will fall apart, so yeah :) Just thought I'd throw that out there. Oh and it's much more common for people in these parts to not know how to read. So that's been a unique and different challenge that I've faced here. We just started teaching a man named Joseph and we've started reading the Book of Mormon with him and he understands it all perfectly. Wherever you go, people are just as intelligent as you. Sometimes people think that just because someone hasn't learned to read and write makes them less smart. And I've seen here that that's not the case at all! We are just very privileged with what we have in America, where everyone gets an education. We're so blessed!

Crazy experience. So on Friday we went out to have our Saradroa day (yaayyy!!) and went out way out to Antanifotsy where there lives an old lady that we teach. We wouldn't normally just go out looking for old grandmas to teach, except this one is way dilligent and comes to church every sunday with her member kids. Anyways, last week at District Conference in Antsirabe we saw her and we had just assumed that she took the bus like all the other members. But we found out that she can't handle busses, that they make her stomach weak. This is an 80+ year old lady. It's 62 kilometers (39 miles) to get to Antsirabe from where she lives. And she walked. Insane right??? I have never seen anyone that dilligent, just to come to the District Conference! If I were in her shoes I could've easily justified not going, and I'm a 21 year old boy. She didn't look for the excuse, she just did it, which absolutely blew my mind. When me and Elder Mack heard about it we were speechless. I can't even describe how crazy cool that is that she did that! She's just kinda slow when it comes to learning. She can't really remember anything, so we have to take it way slow. But the zeal is there! So yes. Next time you don't feel like getting out of bed and driving to church, just remember Bebe Terez (that's her name). 

Me and Elder Mack are still doing great out here. So I don't know if any of you have heard about the color test, but you take it and you get a color depending on what you are motivated by. Ohatra: if you're a red, you're power hungry and LOOOVE being in charge of things. If you're blue, you don't really care for power, what motivates you is getting the job done right and having perfection in it. Yellow means you just do whatever you do for the fun of it. White means you're motivated by peace. Elder Mack is a definite yellow mixed with blue. I have not taken the test, but I'm pretty sure I'm a blue white. And those two types of people mesh perfectly. We goof around and have our fun, but then our blue side comes out when it needs to and we get the job done. Out here it's a little harder to get high proselyting time just with traveling and all that. But we were still able to bust out 24 hours this week which was way dope. So yeah, I'm still a happy boy out here. This place rocks. And I got a balling companion, so what more do you really need?

Let's see... I'm starting to run out of things to say, so I might just kinda end there. I love you all so much! You are the reason I'm still out here doing what I'm doing. And you have a great week! Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mumford

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