Monday, May 4, 2015

Green Acres

What a week! Lots and lots of stuff going on with transfers and the big move to Antsirabe. I got Elder Walker sent off to the office on tuesday morning and then I got one of the replacements for the day, Elder Razafimandimby who I had to pick up at the office later on that day. When I was there I got to see the Elders who were getting ready to go home. It was crazy! So many missionaries I've come to be good buds with are all gone now. Elder Fisher was one of them and I gave him a big hug. I don't know if I've mentioned the other ones before, but there's Elders Christiansen, Fox, Payne, Lee, Roush, Midgley, Webb, and Weber. I've had some fun times with them, and it's weird to think that I'm close behind them in going home! Anyhoo, we came back to 67ha and I showed Elder Razafimandimby a little what I know about the area. We didn't have much time because it was already night when we got there and I had to leave bright and early the next day. So it was all kinda hectic, but it's all good and lamina now.

Wednesday morning I headed off for Antsirabe!! Talk about a bus ride. It was about 4 hours and I took lots and lots of pictures. Once you start leaving Tana, it's a different world. There's mountains! And everything is just so green and beautiful. So open. I'm pretty sure I drove the two guys sitting next to me crazy because I was snapping away. Jereo ny photobucket dia ho hitanareo ilay izy. I got to go with 3 other Elders, one of them going to Ambositra along with Elder Obioma, the new zone leader, and Elder Tavo who's in my district. It was a pretty quiet ride, but it was still nice.

So I work in the area of Andranomanelatra, which is 20 kilometers north from the main city of Antsirabe where we live. And by car that takes us about 20 minutes to get to. It's such a beautiful place! When I'm out there I feel like I'm at camp or something in Utah. And every time I look out at all the miles and miles of farmland with those hills and mountains in the background it always takes me back to visiting Uncle Lee and Aunt Shirley down in Salina. It's just so peaceful. And everyone is so nice and welcoming out here. They would probably give up almost everything they have left just to make you feel comfortable and at home. We also work in another branch that's wayyyyyyyyy out there still. It takes about an hour to get there from Antsirabe. It's called Saradroa, another small branch with about 90 total members. Andranomanelatra is already such a great place. But Saradroa... It is stunning. It is so out in the middle of nowhere, and there's just rice paddies and mountains as far as you can see. You'll just have to see the pictures. We go out there every friday, so I still don't have many pictures of it. But don't worry, there will be plenty to come. Being out there if I had to compare to something else, would be the Shire. When I was out there I felt like I was Gandalf going and ducking through houses to visit my old chums. The people are still short, just darker skinned obviously. And they speak Malagasy. But yeah, such a cool place. I think I'm gonna like it here :) The perfect place to end the mission if you ask me.

Let's get to know my new companion! Elder Mack is his name. He's a baller He's originally from Hawaii, but he moved to Bountiful when he was 12. He is 18 years old now and he's been out on the mission for 8 months now and has served in Fianarantsoa before coming here. He's a very fun loving guy, he's known as a pure yellow according to the color test if any of you know what that means. He's very talented with the Ukulele and has a beautiful singing voice. And yeah! There's your little get to know Elder Mack for ya. I'll put more up about him as we go on, but I'm excited to be with him. We're already having a blast out here!

Other stuff... Well I'm still trying to get to know this place, so not a whole lot of people I know yet. We have sacrament meeting in a tent here, so that's new! I drove the car for the first time last night. We had a little time so we went to an open road and I got the hang of it a little and I even drove home! I felt pretty good. Haha. It's not too complicated, it'll just take a little getting used to. It's starting to get cold here... I know I'm missing a bunch of stuff, but once I'm more settled in I'll have a better idea of what to talk about. But yeah, that was kinda my life this week! Love you all!

-Elder Mumford

Small Tour
-19.857363, 47.033250 
I don't know exactly where the house is, but it's right nearby here
-19.786274, 47.103934
Again, don't know exactly where yet, but around here is the church and the area I work
-19.733678, 47.067551
Approximately where Saradroa is

The Last Skype
Proposition: So we do the Skype at 8:00 AM on Sunday morning Utah time. Write me back if anyone opposes.

Submitted am-pitiavana indrindra,
Elder Mumford

the pics
Another email again. So I wasn't able to get all the pics I wanted up today, but I'll be sure to get em up next time! For now I guess this will have to do. Ankafizo! 

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