Monday, June 22, 2015

Dia ahoana baina??

Hey hey hey!! How's everyone doing this week? Hope all is well. It's still way cold out here and no rain. That's your weather update for the past month.

Well today is the 22nd, which means in exactly a month from this moment I'll be in the office getting all my stuff ready to get on the plane home. One month. It's like the last few seconds of a game in a clutch situation. It's such little time, but a lot can still happen that can impact the game. That's kinda how I'm looking at things right now. I've had a great mission so far up to this point. Do I relax and coast the way through this month, or do I play is smart and get the most out of it and drain a 3 ball from the corner pocket? Anyways, I'm starting to get a little carried away with that ohatra. Raha fintinina, I'm still gonna go hard and finish this thing off right.

So we had a little nice little surprise this week. On wednesday morning a guy who works for the church named Marcellin drops by the house. With our new car... I guess they've been wanting to take the old one out to Tana to get some repairs done on it, but for now we got a pretty new one. So it's a car that the old office couple used to drive around. It's still a Berlingo. And it's still silver. But it's a lot nicer and a lot newer. From a distance you might not even be able to tell we got a new car. But once I got behind the wheel... It was a different story. For all you who don't know stick shift, you have to have your foot on the clutch when you're first getting the car started. Then as you're putting your foot on the gas, you slowly release from the clutch and you're off. In the old car you'd almost have to floor the gas before taking your foot off the clutch. And since that was the only stick I'd driven I thought that's how it was for every car. But nope. In this new one you barely put your foot on the gas and you're off. It was a very new experience feeling what an actual stick shift is supposed to feel like. So much power!! I can go a hundred km/hour (62 mph) in the blink of an eye. It's been so fun :) We had a funny experience with it on Thursday. The key we got with it was in pretty bad shape. It looked like it had been through a dryer. But there's key itself and the black part it's attached to like most car keys. We got up to go to District Meeting and when I turned the key, the car started, but the black part broke off. At the time I didn't think that was important. Then when District Meeting was done we couldn't start it up. We tried calling everyone seeing if we could get a mechanic because we thought there was either an electrical problem or the gas wasn't getting into it or something. We even got it pulled in to the Tolman's parking lot to store over night. (The Tolman's are a senior couple working here in Antsirabe). We get a call later that night from Elder Tolman saying they got the car going again and that it turns out the key had to be connected to the black part. Apparently it's some kindof security feature. Maybe our car is just way to smart or that's what it's like for every car... I dunno! But I learned something new that day. And I didn't think of this til now, but that's what the priesthood is like! If someone has the authority, that's like the key. But if you don't have the power, then you won't get anywhere. So for those of us holding the priesthood, stay worthy so you don't lose the power. Then you'll go places in life.

Not a whole lot of new or exciting things happened besides from that. Me and Elder Stringfellow are still getting along great and he's learning the area really well. We're still trying to find more families to teach, but we're still teaching a lot whether it's less actives or investigators. Life is good!

Well pdays are becoming scarce and every one is precious, so I better go make the most of it! Til next week. Toods!

Tiako ianareo!!

-Elder Mumford

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