Monday, June 8, 2015


Yo yoooo!!! How's it goin everyone? Another week GONE like that. It never does get any slower. I do indeed have the transfer news, but you know me. I'm gonna make you wait for it ;)

So this week was another solid one. Taught lots of new people. I wonder how many times I said, "Ary raha misy ianareo tsy manam-pahendrena, aoka izy hangataka amin' Andriamanitra izay manome malalaka ho an' ny olona rehetra sady tsy mandatsa, dia homena azy izany." (Jakoba 1:5). I got to go on a couple of splits this past week. One with Elder Liao and the other with Elder Richard who both work in Mahazoarivo. Plus I got to lead Andranomanelatra both times :) Which I was fine with cause it meant I still got the car. Hehe. I'm having a hard time thinking about all that happened. We're kindof in a mad scramble today trying to get stuff done here.

The main thing that happened this week was zone conference. My last one! We had it in the Tolman's house (They're the senior couple that works here in Antsirabe) So it was a nice comfortable setting. I actually got to sit on a couch! Haha. There's 10 of us in the zone, so it's a little smaller. It was such a balling zone conference. We talked about that talk, the Forth Missionary and more about consecrating yourself and giving up your wants and desires for that of the Lord's. This was also President Adams' last zone conference and he gave us some great after mission advice. I think he was mainly talking to me and our one zone leader who is actually going home today. He talked to us about making the temple a very high priority and going often, being around good friends, avoiding pornography in all forms, doing my scripture studies with prayer, and so forth. I'm not ready to come home yet, but I'm grateful for all of his advice that I got written down. I got to bear my testimony too which was actually pretty emotional. I talked about how I remember the first morning when I got to my area at 3 in the morning, it was pouring rain, we got to the house and the power was out, and I just remember putting my head on the pillow thinking what in the world have I gotten into. That was so long ago! But yet it's gone by so fast. I'm grateful for what the mission has made of my life and I'm excited to finish off strong.

Like I said before, we're in a little rush. Because we got the news! And the news is that Elder Mack is heading to Tana... I'm way sad about it. I didn't want him to leave! We've gotten way close, probably closer than any companion I've had before. He leaves bright and early tomorrow. So... Yeah it's gonna be hard saying goodbye to him. On the plus side though, I'm going to be getting Elder Stringfellow (string-bean as they call him). He'll be coming down from Tamatave. I don't know much about him. I know he's buff, red headed, and from Bountiful. I've only heard good things about him, so I'm excited to have him coming here. It's gonna be fun :)

Oh and before I forget I want to get some paintings done for you guys!! And time is running out so I'll probably need pictures by next week. So please send in pictures you want to get painted and I'll bring them back! They're some of the coolest souvrenirs you can get here, so araraoty! I'm gonna go now. Love you all so much! Talk to you soon. Tiako ianareo!!

-Elder Mumford

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