Monday, July 13, 2015

Iany menaka

This is my last official pday... You know how weird that is?? I'm gonna be home in 10 days. Crazy!! But because of that, I still have a lot I want to go do today, so this might not be very long! Probably pretty short and sweet.

It's weird being here and being able to see the finish line. This week is when it all kinda started hitting me and there were emotions. It was weird!! I had my very last zone meeting here and at the end we had testimonies. I got up and started and then just out of nowhere I was bawling. I don't do that!!! Hahaha. It's all becoming so real to me. There is a life after the mission! I'm still not quite there but it's coming and coming fast. This week we went on a split and I stayed here in Antsirabe. If you remember, one of my favorite people is a little girl named Felana. She was the one reading the Bokin' i Mormona in candlelight. I guess she got a little scared when she saw Elder Stringfellow with someone else besides me that day and was scared I had already left! It's gonna be the worst saying goodbye to her and all the members here. I'm gonna be crying. I've already accepted that! Hahaha :) I love this area. My favorite one. But sometimes I wish I hadn't been sent here because it's gonna be one of the hardest things to say goodbye to it. Good thing I have a pretty awesome set of family and friends back home, otherwise I don't know if I could ever leave! But I'm excited that I get to be with you all again soon :)

So other than that we had more car troubles. Yeah. We don't have the best luck with cars it turns out. We were driving way out in the middle of nowhere in our area and I didn't see a bump and we bounced a little bit. But that definitely wasn't the first time it's happened, so I figured it was fine. We were going and then the car all of a sudden stuttered to a halt and died. We looked and a big chunk of the oil pan was missing. Yeah... It wasn't good. Luckily a member had friends that were able to pull us to Antsirabe back to our house. Talk about a sketchy setup! It was a puny Peugeot truck and there were 7 guys in the back. We latched on with a rope and started going and that thing died so many times. When it did, the guys in the back hopped out and pushed it to get it going. And on top of that, they ran out of gas halfway back. Haha. It took about 4 hours total to get us back to the house. It was one of the most stressful things ever, but we got it back. We took the car to a mechanic and he took out the oil pan and there was about no way they could fix it. But then one of the guys who worked at the garage pulls out a spare oil pan from the trunk of his car and wouldn't you know it- it was an exact match! So we have a new oil pan. But I guess during the whole ordeal another piece got damaged and has to be replaced. We went to all the auto places in Antsirabe and none had it, so we have to wait for it to come from Tana. So our schedule got switched around a little bit. We leave early in the mornings and take a very crowded car up to Andranomanelatra and we catch the last bus back at around 4 and then do our studies at night. Weird stuff! But one thing I've learned on the mission is that things happen for a reason. Elder Stringfellow reminded me of that. Why this happened? Who knows. And I might not see why for a while. But there's gotta be some kind of blessing hiding in this. I'm just still looking for it :) If anything it's a good laugh and story to tell my grandkids. Haha :) Hopefully we'll have a car either today or tomorrow. But for now I'm just glad we're able to get out to Andranomanelatra and work.

Other than that, not much to kabary about. I'm just gonna go enjoy this pday and get lots of cool stuff. I love you all so much. I'll talk to you all in a week! And in 10 days you'll get to see Elder Mumford up close and personal, so be getting excited! Have a great week everyone! Tiako be ianareo!!!

Elder Mumf

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