Monday, June 16, 2014


Hawdy y'alls, how's everything going back there? This week has been sick. And yes, that's literally. Elder Hull ended up getting sick again starting on Saturday after the baptisms. Then Sunday we got all dressed up and as soon as we walked in the gate to the church, Elder Hull told me, "I'm not gonna make it." So we bolted back to the house, (luckily we live way close by) and he went straight to the bathroom and...yeah. That was pretty much the story of Saturday and Sunday. Even the new nurse Sister Rossiter came out and got him some meds. Luckily it was a 24 hour ordeal and now we're out and at it again. But because of that I might not have quite as much to share this week. Lots of sitting in the house... The worst. But it's all good. I went through my suitcase and got it all organized. Cause, ya know, I won't be in Ampitatafika forever! I find out on July 6th where my adventures here will take me next. I'm calling that I'll be reopening an area in Tana with another trainee! Haha. I hope I'll get to go out to another province, but I'm pretty much fine with anything. 6 months in any one place is a loooong time, so it'll just be nice to kinda start fresh again with new faces. We'll see what happens, I'm trying not to get too antsy.

Baptisms! Oh how I love having baptisms. And it all worked out as planned too. The only struggles we were having was with the baptismal program cause the printer at the church was being dumb. Stupid technology. Haha. Anyways it all went well. Even Elder Hull got to do a couple! My lil boy is all grown up ;) That water was stinkin cold though. As soon as I got in I was making all kinds of weird noises and everyone was laughing at me. Haha. But me and the people I baptized got out alive thank goodness ;) Everything went smoothly. We had 6 baptized in total. And I made sure to get pictures as always! Now, I don't know if this is a malagasy thing or what, but for some reason nobody smiles for the camera. They're such a happy people, so I don't really get it. But anyways, if some of them don't look very happy just know that it's not the case! After the baptisms our church was putting on an open house. There were some cool stuff there. The Relief Society was taking orders for some cool clothing, so I ended up buying some... Like 150,000($70) worth. But I figured I could splurge a little and get some cool stuff to remember Ampitatafika by. So I'm excited for all the stuff I'm getting. Pictures to come when I get it all!

We also had a zone conference on Tuesday. I love those. The only thing I'm not crazy about is that we have to wear suits, but other than that it's tsara amiko. Had some good cooking by Sister Adams so can't complain there! We learned about how the Abrahamic Covenant tied in with the Book of Mormon. So... I didn't even really know what the Abrahamic Covenant was before. Is that bad? Haha. Well at least now I know about it. Then we learned about how to mark up scriptures and make cross references and chains and all that fun stuff. It totally inspired me, and now my Tropical Guide is becoming pretty colorful as well as the rest of my scriptures. So that's been fun kinda digging deeper into my scriptures. Oh and they showed a bunch of charts and they showed the stats for Ampitatafika and pointed it out as a good example of what should be happening. So I guess we're doing something right! Gotta love zone conference.

The work is still going good. We've been looking for new people now that we've had some baptisms. We dusted off our streetboard and put that to work. It's a little overwhelming at times when you get a crowd of people all gathered around to hear you, but it's pretty dang effective for getting some contact information and appointments. So we'll probably be doing that more often.

Other than that it's kinda hard to think of other things to talk about. My head is getting stuffed up again so I don't really feel like thinking a whole lot... Haha. So I'm sorry. Oh and right in the middle of this email the connection stopped working so as a result I had to retype a lot of stuff. So that means less time.. Sorry if I don't get to a few of you, but just know that I think about you all the time and love you! Have a great week for me. Tiako be ianareo!!! Mazotoa!!!

-Elder Mumf

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