Monday, June 23, 2014

Ho Aiza i Elder Mumford??

Hay hay! How's it going everyone?? Hope all is well over there on the other side of the globe. Things here have been a little slower than usual this week. Elder Hull once again was sick. He's been having a rough go with Madagascar so far. And we're starting to get into winter, so it gets pretty cold. The mornings are super cold, then the afternoon can still be pretty warm, but then it gets back to being pretty cold at about 6 at night when the sun is down. So all of the change in temperatures hasn't been helping either I bet. We think he might have a worm or something not very fun like that. But we've been in touch with the mission nurse and he's kinda taking it day by day. We were in the house on Thursday and Friday when it was bad. But now he seems to be doing alright, so hopefully we'll be able to get a full week of work this time. I hope he gets better mostly for his sake, but also I'm way tired of being in the house... We'll see!

So I have 2 weeks. 2 weeks until I find out my fate for the next part of my mission. And so the predictions have been coming out. Elder Hein, our District Leader, is predicting that I'll be Office Elder. I don't know if other missions have those or what, but they work at the office for a good portion of what they do and handle paperwork and stuff. Yeah. I'm not too thrilled about that prospect. I personally think I could be reopening an area up in the North Zone of Tana. And then I'll be training in August. We have 7 coming in this transfer, and then 14 coming up in August, so there's a good chance I could be training again. I feel like I'm putting together my bracket for March Madness right now. Haha. But I'm trying not to get too into it. I'll just go wherever I need to be. But I hope that little someplace is in Antsirabe...*fingers crossed*.

The work is still going alright. Now that we're visiting less frequently those we just baptized, we're still looking for some solid investigators. And we've also been reaching out and trying to find some less-actives. We went to one place and the lady said she hasn't been coming to church because she's "kamo", lazy. Well at least she was honest! Maybe we'll whip out the good old James 4:17 with her and her husband, in a loving way of course. In our efforts with that we've also got some referals and part-member families that want to learn from us. So our program has basically been filling itself up because of that, which is way nice. We have some investigators that are way solid and ready in every way to be baptized -except they're still trying to get off smoking. That's been a problem that's been kinda common here in the Tafika. But we're helping them in any way that we can. One of them has already been off of the sigara for 2 full weeks! So we're excited for him. We have 2 others that aren't quite there, but getting there. The next baptism goal is for the 12th of July, so hopefully we can get em on the road to be all ready for that. Exciting stuff.

I can't really think of a whole lot else that's happened. I did get to go on a split with the District Leader's companion, Elder Ralaivao in Tanjombato. That was an interesting day, just walking up and down hills all day and teaching spiritual thoughts from time to time. I like having more solid lessons than that, but it wasn't my area so I just went and helped in any way I could. At the end of that day, me and Elder Hull took a taxi to get back to the house. Except I accidently left my sweater in the taxi along with my nametag that pins on. So something like that finally happened to me. Luckily sweaters aren't that expensive and that tag was just a piece of plastic. If it had been the one I wear on my shirt pocket I would've been a little devastated, but I can always get a new one. It could've been worse, let's just put it that way.

Other than that I can't really think of anything else. Sorry I didn't get much into detail this week to dig up a funky experiences. I need to be better at looking through my journal and jotting them down on paper before I go to the cyber. But hopefully this'll do for now. I better get going, but have a great week everyone!! Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mumford

Split with Elder Ralaivao

Me vandalizing Elder Hein's whiteboard

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