Monday, June 30, 2014

Fetim-pirenenan' Madigasikara

Howdy! What's up everyone?? Hope everyone had a great week, maybe watched some World Cup while you were at it. This week has been kinda crazy to tell you the truth. Lots of things going on.

So on Thursday there was the 26th of June, which is Madagascar's independence day. Which is weird because the night of the 25th was crazier it seemed like. Anyways, it was pretty much a week long thing. People staying up and getting drunk. And everyone and their dog was out in ambanivohitra, out of town, so it made for an interesting week of lessons. We still did have quite a few, close to 20, but not your usual week here. We did pick of some  new investigators, so our program is slowly but surely getting filled to the brim again. The work is still going along well considering all the festivities that were going on. There was fireworks. America's 4th of July kinda puts it to shame, but I'll take afomanga when I can get it. And random fire crackers would go off on the streets which kept us on our toes, but fun stuff.

Cool experience of the week! So we were in the meeting with the bishop and he brought up that there was a part member family with kids that are already 9 and up, so they need to learn from the missionaries. And that Saturday we didn't have a whole lot going on, so we decided to go on a little trek to go out and find them. Turned out it was waaaaay out there, but still in the area. We got instructions to take a bus until we get to this bridge and then follow the river down for about a kilometer. The place was so cool! I felt like I was going on a little hike in Moab or something, just a little less red. We get going along this river and we go for a little while and we were beginning to think about turning and going back when we come across this beautiful garden full of cabbage and orange trees. There were kids that greeted us and then we saw the members and they warmly greeted us too. I explained to the mom how to pronounce my name but she just settled for 'Mum'. They thought we were crazy for going out there, but they appreciated the visit and we had a good lesson with them. And since they usually come to church anyways we'll probably just teach em after church in that building so we don't have to go all the way out there in the middle of nowhere every week. So there you go. Oh and we taught Ricardo again this week. I was struggling with the English, it was so weird. I couldn't say Laman and Lemuel to save my life. But we got through it alright. Me and him would occasionally say stuff in Malagasy and it was so weird because at that moment I felt like it was my first language. But Ricardo's a good guy and he says he's gonna come to church! So we'll see where that goes.

So from the letters it sounds like most of you already know this, but there was an Elder here that passed away this week. Elder Palmer is his name and I happened to be in the same MTC group as him. He was in the other District, but we still got to see each other from time to time. I didn't get a chance to know him all that well, but when I got the news it hurt a little. He was having some bleeding in his brain and they took him to South Africa for treatment where he passed away. His mission isn't over though. I know he's doing some amazing things that none of us can even imagine on the other side of the veil. He's a great guy and I'm glad I got to know him with the little time I had with him.

On a little brighter note, we got to go to a lemur park today! A different one from the croc farm, wayyyy out in the middle of nowhere. There were, of course, lemurs. And crocodiles too. The lemurs were being all menatra and wouldn't come down from the trees half the time. But we were able to get at least a few good shots. And yes, a lemur kissed me. I had a piece of banana in my mouth to lure it in and there ya go. It was a little hairy and scruffy, but not too bad. Haha! We also had a couple of chickens that we brought to go see the crocodiles. I'll save details and pictures, but it was kinda cool seeing that croc having some lunch. And now I'm back here at the cybskies wrapping up the to do list. 

I think that's about all I have for now. But you all have a great week! Tiako ianareo!! Oh and next time I'll have news about my new area, so stay tuned. Mazotoa!!

-Elder Mumf

Elder Hull and I wandering around the wilderness

Brick makin season

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