Monday, July 21, 2014

Building from ground up

Hawdy!! How's everyone doing? Well, it's monday again. They're always kinda hectic here in Tana. There's just so much to do. Today we went to this place called 67, except it's pronounced in French. Anyways, we went and we wandered in there for a while and looked at all the stuff there. I ended up getting about 15 ties. Yeah, I got a little carried away. But it was all under $3.00. That's even better than the DI! So... I just kinda figured why not. I'll probably give most of them away before my time here is up. We wandered around for a while and we just got here to the cyber and it's already 4:30! So sorry if this update is a little short, I'll try to get a little something in!

The work in Ankorondrano is going well. Due to whitewashing, we don't have a very solid program, but we're getting there. We picked up 19 new investigators this week. Not bad eh? We have 2 investigators that should be getting baptized soon. The problem is that it's been a while since missionaries have worked here, about 3 months, so we basically have to review everything with them. But it's all good. We work with the Antananarivo 1st ward, the very first one here in Madagascar. There are so many less-actives. So we're working on that too. And of course, when all else fails, gotta do some porte a porte. But it's worked out pretty well for us. We got 16 return times over 10 hours this past week. So I guess we're doing something right. Me and Elder Thompson are still doing alright. We've had a few differences here and there in opinion, but we've been able to set it aside and we've worked well together.

I forgot to mention this in the last letter, but last week I went to a didim-poitra!!(circumcision). And Malagasies have an interesting tradition with it. So we went to a hospital with the members with the 2 year old kid who was the star of the show. We get there and into the room and they were totally welcoming for pictures, so I got a few. I'll probably spare a few of them, but you'll get the idea in the ones I put up on Photobucket. They got in and had it all done in a matter of a minute. It was pretty impressive and interesting the way all that works. Sorry if this is weird for you guys with me talking about it, but I thought it was awesome! Haha. The weird part is when the grandpa ate the foreskin with a banana. Yup. Don't ask me why, they just do it. That's the fomba gasy! It was cool to just say that I've been to one. Our bishop says he can take us to when they do the dance of the dead, where they take bones of ancestors and dance around with them. It's weird, I know, but I'm super excited!!

Let's see... I can't really think of a whole lot that's happened. Lot of first lessons, lots of getting to know people and the area. There was one time we were at where a lady walked in, sat down, and just gave me the weirdest look. After 5 minutes I finally asked what was up and she just said with a voice of disbelief, "Ianao mahay amin'ny teny gasy!!!" It's kinda fun surprising people like that. Or when I talk to someone on the phone in malagasy and people just look at me like I'm not even a real person. My French still isn't up to par, but I'm not trying to hard. But maybe if I get good enough with malagasy I'll start learning a little bit. We have 2 tahitian Elders in the house and another French and they taught me how to pray in French! So I've had a little fun with that. I love this crazy place.

Anyways, I guess I should get going. I have a talk this sunday so wish me luck! Love all of you. Keep it real! Amin'ny manaraka indray!! Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mumford

P.S. There should be some pics up this week finally, so enjoy! Most of them are pictures of me with the people in Ampitatafika, but I'll try to get some up from here too.

so I don't know what the deal is, but I haven't been able to get photos up the last few weeks... I'm so sorry about that! I think a few ended up on my photobucket, hopefully! Don't know for sure though. Gotta love technology here. Love you guys! I'm trying, but hopefully next week for sure!

-Elder Mumford

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