Monday, October 6, 2014

already ôctôbra!

Ma famille et mes amis!

I don't know if my French was right up there or not. But I think you understand my tiako tenenina amin' izany. I can't believe it's already October! Haha even I'm getting sick of myself saying this, but time is going by way too fast sometimes! And I also heard it was conference this past weekend? What's that?? Haha kidding. No we did not get to watch it out here and it'll still be another few weeks. But I'm getting ahead of the ball and downloading all the talks right now. So ha! But yeah, everything is still going good out here and I'm still loving life :)

So like I said before, it's October here, the month everyone says the heat REALLY cranks up. I haven't really felt a difference yet. It's just  been dang hot from the time I stepped off the plane here in Mahajanga. Everyone says October and November are probably the hottest and the next few months after that, except by December we're supposed to start getting rain. I'm way excited for that, I still haven't seen a drop of rain here! Kinda makes me wonder how so much stuff still grows out here. Kinda weird.

The work was kinda interesting this week. We almost always have member help with us, but this week that was hard to come by due to other schedules and whatnot. So a lot of the time it was just me and Razaza fending for ourselves. Still got a ton accomplished! Had about 30+ lessons taught and we could've had more if we had the help, but we gave it our best. As far as highlights go I don't have a whole lot that stood out. We have some new peeps in our program that look like they have some good potential. Let's see. I guess one highlight is that we got to teach Sylvia's bebe and dadabe! (grandma and grandpa). I love every time we get to visit them. Bebe is my favorite little old lady! I wish I had a picture to send now. She has never eaten any pork in her life cause she hates the bad breath it gives people. She can never remember how to say my name, but she's starting to get it! I just tell people to either remember 'mum' or 'ford' the car and they usually can get it from there. Anyways, I was able to take her and dadabe through the Plan of Salvation with them understanding all of it! Which is quite the accomplishment seeing as how they have a hard time hearing. Haha. So I felt kinda proud of that. But yeah. I guess that's the one highlight I can think of. The language is still a work in progress, even now. But the more I go along the more I'm starting to feel like a native speaker. Still a little ways from that. But I'm not gonna stop learning no matter how good I get.

In other news I think I've developed an addiction to mangos since this past week. I've eaten so many of them lately. It seems like every day I have to buy another sack of them. Mada mangos... such a good fruit it should be forbidden! Let's see... Other random stuff. I saw a witch the other night. Like... literally there was some weird stuff going on. We get back to the house one night and this lady is just putting handfuls of the most random stuff places like a vazaha's car. I don't know much about that stuff, but it wasn't quite normal... Haha. So there's that! Oh and I may or may not have bought a guitar. It's a small, cheap, and kinda crappy one and I hardly ever have time to play it outside the nights when I get home and even then I usually just shower and go to bed. Haha. But at the very least it's a nice little decoration.

Anyhoo. That's about all the news I can think of for now. Sorry if these emails are kinda lame... I'll do better next week to get more experiences in. I'm just kinda drawing a blank here as usual. But. I love you guys and I'm so grateful for all the support I get from everyone! Tiako ianareo!! 'Til next week!

-Elder Mumf

So I was uploading the pics this week onto the bucket when the computer shut off randomly.. So I don't know how many got up, but I'll be sure to get more up next week. Outta time. Love you all!

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