Monday, October 13, 2014

Another week Iany

Hey hey everyone!! How's it all going back there?? Things are still pretty good here in Mahajanga. It's hard to believe we're almost halfway into October. The time just keeps on going. And yes, it's still pretty hot here. I've heard it's only been about 90 degrees at the most. Sure feels hotter than that, but I guess thats humidity for ya. It really hasn't been all that bad, just drinking lots of water to stay alive. Haha. Everything is still going well here and I'm still loving the life.

The work out here is still going alright. We've made some changes to the program, got some new people in the mix and things are looking to improve with those we're teaching. The problem is that nobody is vita soratra here... It's kinda rare to meet a couple that is legally married. I've heard that's pretty common the further away you get from Tana. It's still kindof a new thing for malagasies and it's still not really the fomba or the way they do it here. They get married culturally but not officially. That's been one of the biggest obstacles we've faced out here, but we're still trying to be a good encouragement for them to just get it done so that they can be baptized! But overall the teaching is still going well. And we're finally getting somewhere with the home teaching. Lists and assignments have been made so hopefully it won't just be another assignment on paper left undone, but that they'll actually do it and we'll see more activity here in Mahajanga.

Let's see. It's kinda hard to think of new things every week to be honest. It all kinda just feels the same. But I'll try to get something. I got a job offer to go teach English! Haha. I was teaching English at the church and there was a comorian there and said I should go teach at some place where they learn English. I declined it respectfully of course. Sundays here are always an adventure. Yesterday was actually pretty good. Not too many mishaps were had behind the keyboard and the teacher for the Gospel Principles class actually taught it and not just the missionaries! So that was nice. There's always some kind of drama in priesthood. Voices start getting louder and then it kinda turns into a mess but always ends up calming down again and things are good. Still kinda sad, but kinda funny.

Had a funny experience the other day when we had a little time to do some tracting. We came across a mother and her daughter that wanted to speak to us, and so we told them about the church and set up a return time, which didn't actually go through, but yeah. We were talking and were wondering where I was from and I told them I was Besimisaraka (one of the malagasy tribes) and that I was born in Tamatave. They obviously didn't believe me based on my skin color and I finally broke down and told them I was American. They told me I may be American by skin, but I was malagasy by mouth and that I would speak really well. So that made me feel pretty good! It's always nice to get reminders like that that I'm good at the language. It's hard to come by here, people tend to be a little more unforgiving of vazahas in Mahajanga, so it was nice to get that!

Other random stuff... I did get to play basketball for a few minutes one night. We were coming to a time we had set up, but the investigator still had some visitors over that were about to leave. So we waited for a few minutes and since there was a basketball court just outside I figured why not? So I joined a couple of guys and just shot around. Everyone would not stop commenting on how tall I was and that they were jealous. I didn't know how well I would do since I hadn't touched a basketball in forever, but I did better than I thought. I wasn't really on fire with my shot, but they were all in line to go in. Nothing a little shooting around at the Stake Center won't help when I get home! Other random thing. One of the young men in the branch knows my trainer Elder Moulton, now not 'Elder', but anyways. He's been facebooking him and I guess he's now in Uganda shooting a film. So I thought that was kinda interesting! I would love to come back to Madagascar one day and do nothing but take my camera around and take all the pictures as I want. But now as a missionary it's kinda hard to do that. But I'm still trying. Oh and sidenote, the computer is being dumb again and won't read my card. So more pictures might have to wait until next week... Sorry about that! Next week though I'll do everything I can to get them up.

Well other than that I think that'll do it for the week. Still going along just fine here with Elder Razazarohavana. Still eating lots of mangos and I'm a happy boy. Love you all! Have an awesome week! Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mumf

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