Monday, December 8, 2014

Akory iziao!

Hey everybody!!

Well it's that time again. P-days keep coming in faster and faster. But it's good. I'm still loving like out here in Mahajanga. I actually don't have too much to complain about the heat this week. It's been a little cooler here this week (well... relatively). Plus I went to the mpanety and got my hair chopped off, so I think that helped. Still not really any rain here though. People keep telling us it was supposed to have come by now, but nope. It's kinda like last year when I was in Tamatave when it was relatively dry for that time of year. Maybe wherever Elder Mumford goes there's just a dry spell. I think that's it ;)

This week we got to have another OLC. That conference they do between missionaries in outlying provinces. It was another good one, just not quite as memorable as the last. They mostly just talked about Mauritius and the Malagasies weren't really that big of a part of it. They did show us a slideshow about the history of Madagascar! I'll send it to y'all if I can. The branch here in Mahajanga was started back in 2009. So it's been here for a little bit now, not the newest place in the mish, but still fairly new. So cool to be a part of the work here! It's dang hot, but I'm still pretty dang lucky to be out here in such a cool place.

As far as the work goes, it's been a little slower than usual this week. We've been doing some deep cleaning with our program and freeing up some time that was being spent with people who just weren't getting anywhere. We got dogged by quite a few times which is always fun. The work isn't always easy, but one thing me and Elder Cartmill have made it a point to focus on patience. Sometimes people don't keep times. And when they do, some of them are way hard to teach. That's one challenge with the work in Madagascar. Some people might say, "It must have been pretty easy having a full schedule of teaching times!" As true as that might be, it's still hard mentally sometimes. The people aren't dumb by any means. I'm not saying that. It's just they haven't had as many opportunities to learn as us Americans. I didn't like reading while I was in grade school or reading comprehension, but I'm sure glad I worked at it and I can read through something and still remember what it was about a week later. Here they have struggles because they don't have that solid education we do. So sometimes it just takes a little more patience and going slow with them. And sometimes there's those people on the streets that say things at you that could easily be taken offense to. More patience. But there's one scripture I came across this past week that's one of my favorites. It's DandC 101:38 which says:

"And seek the face of the Lord always, that in patience ye may possess your souls, and ye shall have eternal life."

It just really struck me and it's been one that I've thought about lately. If we're patient we'll get to see the face of the Lord! And have eternal life. I've found also that as I remind myself to be patient when things aren't going my way that I really start appreciating those tender mercies. This week hasn't been as hot! That was definitely one. Our program has been a little empty. But we've been going and strengthening the members and discussing they're goals to reach the temple. From that we've been getting referrals. That's been another one. I could probably go on and on about those tender mercies. The work isn't always easy, but Heavenly Father never forgets his kids! So yeah. I guess that's kinda my spiritual insight for the week. Patience! Pass it on.

In other news the teacher who had the lesson in Priesthood stormed out never to be seen again. Right at the beginning too! Nobody knows what made him so angry. Guess he just needed a break! We went to the beach last Pday, got buried, and my legs got way sunburnt! It was a weird feeling to have that again. I guess my arms and face are just kinda used to it and just tan. But that was fun! I'm still having a ball with Elder Cartwheel and we're working well together. I don't have a whole lot of details to go into this week. Sorry about that! But hope y'all enjoy the pics. I better get going, I still have to write President and then go to the market to get food for the week. I need more lychees too. Never can have enough of those :) Anyhoo, love you all to heaven! Have a terrifically wonderful week! Tiako ianareo!!

Elder Mumf :)

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