Monday, December 29, 2014

New Surroundings

Hey everyone! How's it going? Hope you all had a great Christmas. It was so great to see all of you on the Skype!! It's always so good when I get to see all of you and hear your voices. But next year we won't have to talk through a computer. So I'm pretty excited about that :)

As far as this week goes, it was kinda uneventful. I got more settled in to the area. The place is pretty small compared to past areas I've worked, so I pretty much already know it which is nice. I'm still just trying to look for the good in it. I have to look pretty hard right now, but it'll come I'm sure. We're gonna go buy some dirt cheap ties today! So I'm excited for that :) We have a good ward with good leadership, especially the ward mission leader. I've never had one in the past that's been so on top of things and understands his calling. So that's been a luxury. Still getting to know the people a little better. We have a few investigators now, they've just been out of town for the holidays. So the program has been pretty empty this week. And what do you do when that happens? Tracting! :) Haha. I've said this before, but I actually don't mind it that much. I get to know the area better and it's fun just to go around talking to people about random things. I've found that it always leads into the talk about what we do and what we're all about. So that's actually been fun. Let's see... We got flipped off several times and called racial slurs by an old drunk lady! So that was interesting. Even the people around us were just so embarrassed to be malagasies at that moment because they're usually the most polite people. It's also been fun talking to people because they compliment me on how good my malagasy is :) Sometimes a little bit of teny Mahajanga will slip out and they'll be so shocked saying I've really been around and stuff. I'm not trying to brag or anything, it's just been nice to see the improvement with the language and how I can talk so freely with people now.

Anyways, I was sick for 2 days this week with a fever, so we didn't get as much work done as we would've liked to. But today is the start of a new week and we're gonna get out there and rock it! So that's how I'm planning to kick off the new year. Even though the end of the mission is coming up, I'm not gonna let up at all, just keep going at full speed until the end.

I think that's about all I have for now honestly... I'll have more to share next week I'm sure. I'll try to get those pictures up, but there's a chance it might have to wait another week for a better cyber (sorry!!). I love you all though! Have an awesome week!!! Tiako ianareo!!
---eLdEr MuMfOrD

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