Monday, January 5, 2015

Tratry ny Taona Vaovao!

Happy New Year's everyone!! Man that's weird to think. It's 2015. The year Marty and Doc Brown went to in the future. Except I don't know how accurate that movie really is because there's still no sign of hover conversion... Guess we can't rule it out until October 21st! And I can now say that I'll be home this year. Pretty freakin weird to think about. 2014 was a pretty good year full of great memories and I'm looking forward to making more int 2015. My resolution is to make the most of the time I have left here and run through the bag as my baseball coaches would tell me. It's gonna be a great year I have a feeling.

This week has been another pretty slow one. Probably even slower than last week I'd say. People celebrate New Year's here more than they do Christmas. New Years, Easter, and the 25 of June are the major holidays here. We didn't teach a whole lot this week. We only got about 16 times, about half of a normal week, so we had a little more spare time to do some contacting. Which was a little challenging, especially on New Year's Day. You go out on the street to try to talk to people and literally everyone and their dog is wasted. It was like seeing a bunch of zombies, just nobody with their head on straight. But somehow someway we were able to see some results. There were some people who weren't drunk who we were able to talk to. It's been kinda fun the settings we've talked to people in. People say simple things like 'manahoana' to us and their surprised when we stop and have a full conversation with them in Malagasy. And just naturally the gospel comes up and we've had some interest and new investigators come out of it. So that's been a big blessing for us this past week! Got lots of contacts and potential investigators too, so that was a success! I'm hoping though that things will be more settled this week with people coming home and we'll have a much more solid program.

Oh and apparently there's been a cyclone out in the Mozambique Channel, so we've been getting lots rain here. Several times a day it just starts dumping on us and we have to go run for cover. They usually last only 10 minutes before the sun comes back out and it's boiling hot and all the paths are flooded and we have to play hop scotch jumping from rock to rock or anything that's sticking up from the poopy water. Luckily I rock the Rockports which have been doing pretty good with the water. I'm also District Leader, which as I've said before doesn't entail a whole lot but it's still something. I take stats at the end of each week and this week we had our first District Meeting since I've been here in 67ha. It's us, the area Ampefiloha, and the zone leaders' area Mahamasina. Elder Morley is one of the zls and he was one of my best buddies back in Tamatave, so it's been fun seeing him more. I'll also get to do splits sometime soon. Other than that I just try to be someone everyone in the District can look up to and keep my area as a model for it. But yeah, that's about it :) Me and Elder Tiu are doing good. He's still struggling with the Malagasy, but hey we were all there. I do most of the talking, but still giving him plenty of opportunities to speak and learn from mistakes. Overall everything here is still going alright. Oh and random side note, we got word from the 1st counselor in the bishopric in priesthood that if people don't start getting their tithing settlements done that 67ha could turn into a branch. Not quite sure how much I believe of that seeing as there's always at least 150 at church every week, but we'll see. Things could get interesting :)

Anyways, I better get going. Lots to do this Pday! Tiako ianareo!!! Stay kiasy :)
---eLdEr MuMfOrD

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