Monday, March 9, 2015

God is good

Alrighty everyone this is probably gonna be kinda short. We just got to the cyber and it's already almost time to go. I'll do my best to get some good stuff in here and to get to your letters. Just don't hate me if you don't get personal ones this week! The reason we're so late is because we had a zone activity. We played football! And no, not that one crappy sport where they kick it and try to get it into a goal. We're talking american football here! It was so fun. We were all drenched in rain and got muddy too. And to top it off I got the winning pass for a touchdown. It was so fun being with everyone in the zone. It's going to look a lot different next week because we get transfer news this week! It won't affect me at all because I'm still in the training program which lasts for 2 transfers. Still got 6 weeks to go before I'm free, but that's still coming up too! So yeah, that's kinda the big news here. Everyone getting hyped up about what could be happening to them. Lots of people ready to get out of Tana.

So this week as far as the work goes went alright. We finally hit our goal of getting 30 hours of total proselyting time which felt great. It took some more street contacting and knocking doors than usual, but we got it. We found a few more people to stick on our program so that's been nice. The training is still going well. Elder Walker is improving all the time and he's learning stuff I didn't know until I was 6 months in and absorbing every bit of it. So it's been a nice luxury there. As I said before I'm pretty rushed so I don't think I can get in everything I want to say. One cool experience we had was with a guy named Joel who's been a less active member for a while. He and his wife have been wanting to go to the temple, but he has a smoking problem which has kept them from going. We've been working with him for quite a while, stopping by a few times a week to check up on him and things like that. Turns out he has officially stopped smoking! And he's been coming to church a lot lately which is way cool. Oh and for his job he was a racecar driver. Crazy right?? He would drive all over the country and stuff. But yeah, it just goes to show what a little patience and perseverance can do to help people. As long as we go about loving them and trying to help them do the right thing, their natural God given instincts kick in and they end up improving their lives for the better. God is good. So yeah, there's my little 200 ariary for the week!

Well I'm still alive and kicking. Still enjoying the work even though my feet are constantly soaked. But I have so much to be grateful for. Like all of you! Through the ups and downs I can always cound on the support from you guys. Love you all so much! I better hurry up and do what I can while I'm still here. Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mumf

Flying a kite with some zazas

That's America baby

Elder Evans looking to snatch my burger

Obviously not my area

Split with Elder Roush in Mahamasina. So fun!

These are shoes directly affected by 67ha

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