Monday, March 2, 2015

Wading in White

Kabarinareo?? Tsisy eto e!
Hope you all had a great week! Mine was pretty decent if I say so myself. Tana is pretty much underwater. It's still raining constantly and everyone is saying how this has been a really weird year for rain and that it's never this bad. So yeah, lots of flooding still. And 67ha is basically the toilet bowl of it all. Except this toilet doesn't flush. It's just plugged up with trash and all sorts of stuff, and the water just stays...

Well now that I got that colorful comparative thing done, I'll get to something a little more pleasant. We had a baptism this week!! Awh yeah! It was pretty great. It was very simple, but still effective. So while we were getting ready for it and all set up, there was another really loud party going on upstairs. Someone inconveniently decided to get married then. Who does that?? So it got pushed back an hour, but no biggie. We even had a baptismal font in our church! How cool is that?? Granted the water was pretty yellow and dirty though. There were some flies that got in and there were mushrooms growing on the walls. But we still got it done. The investigator that got baptised was named Berthe. I think I already talked about her in the last email, but I got to do the baptism for her and it was as special as always. I got to wade in more water that day, but it was in all white. It felt a lot better that way and it felt rewarding to finally have one here. Hopefully with more to come in the next few weeks!

As far as anything else goes, not much to kabary about. And the power just died so I'm really in a rush to get back out to work now. We're already late. Not a whole lot happened this week anyways, pretty much the usual. But when I do think of crazy/funny stories from this week I'll get them in next week. Plus this cyber is kinda sketch and I don't really trust it with my SD card, so I'll probably just have to try to get them in by next week. Sorry if this one was kinda lame! But I love you all. Have an awesome week everyone! Tiako ianareo jiaby!!

-Elder Mumf

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