Monday, March 30, 2015

Chicken Blood

Hey hey everyone! How's life hanging out there?

This week was pretty good. Kinda average really. It was one of those weeks where there really isn't a whole lot of interesting stuff going on. But I'll try to dig up a few things here. The work is still going. Still not as fast as we'd like, but I'd say we're doing pretty good for being here in the swass. Elder Walker is still behaving. I have to beat him with a stick every once and a while, but it's getting better. Haha juste a blague! We're still doing well out here and having a fun time. It's still dry out here. It's to the point were you can walk on any path and not even get the tip of your feet wet! So crazy. So yep :) Oh and my birthday is coming up this week. I'm turning 21. Weird........... I'll try to celebrate it the best I can! We'll figure out something.

Oh! So you know how I've been really boring about not eating all the crazy weird food here! Well I took a little step out my comfort zone this week. More like a giant leap. So we were going about our business, no appointments at the time so we were just going around and talking to people and we come across a street vendor selling baked chicken blood. So being the adventurous missionaries we are we decided to try it. Elder Walker was first and he was able to get it down but said it wasn't very good. And then I tried it. And at that point we had a big crowd gathered around us out of nowhere. They have it it sliced up and shaped like brownies. I took one and bit into it. Nothing can really describe it best... It was flubbery... Cold... And when I bit into it a bunch of salty water squirted out in my mouth. I was not able to get any of it down, I had to spit it out or I would've lost my lunch. I was a little embarrassed in front of all those people, but eh. Who cares! At least I tried. So yeah, that's my little adventure in the world of sakafo this week.

In other news, we taught those investigators I was talking about last week. The ones that were blown away by the 2nd Article of Faith. Anyways, we were having a little review of the Plan of Salvation with them and we asked them if God has a body or is just a spirit. And their older son happened to be there and he said that God is just a spirit. But just like we taught them, the guy, Rajaona, perked up and corrected him. He even used the reference in Genesis 1:26-27. They are such ballers, what we teach sticks! And the wife, Noeline is super diligent. They were the ones I talked about a while ago about how we tracted into them on a saturday and she came the day after at church. She even came to stake conference which was wayyy far out there. So nice to see some diligence :) See? Tracting isn't all that bad kids.

I think that's about it for this week. We got suits made! And I got a couple pictures up, so ankafizo that! We'll also be doing a little house fashion show and taking pictures. Yes, don't worry, we're still Elders here. The suits are just way too snazzy not to. Love yalls! Have a great week!

-Elder Mumf

 All that foam

Exactly what you think it is

2 days of not shaving. I think I'm growing up!

Perfect timing

Me and Wootan sporting the solomaso

There we go

Don't know how this happened

It's pday again

Elder Walker

New suits!

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