Monday, April 20, 2015

Things not measured

Hey hey everyone! Another week down. One more to go. Then we'll see the last place I'll be going to on this wild Mada adventure. Obviously I hope I go somewhere cool, but they could just keep me here to end the mish in Tana. We'll see though! Got one last week, I just gotta make the most of it. It should go by pretty fast, we're doing a zone activity this week with streetboarding and then Saturday and Sunday will pretty much be taken up by conference. So excited for all of that :) I'll be sure to get pictures with all the ballers I work with.

This week was kinda interesting. Elder Walker woke up in early in the morning Wednesday and was having all those fun side effects of having a stomach problem. So that day was all spent in the house. It was then that I remembered why I hate not working. I ran out of things to do so fast. But life happens. The next day we had a split and I got to be with my old comp Elder Cartmill! That's right, he's back in Tana for all who don't know. We got to work in his area in Mahamasina. It was kinda fun because there were times where he didn't know where we were going so we got to explore a little. We went through all kinds of mazes and climbed the highest mountains. Way fun stuff. It was a ball working with him again like old times. We even found some JW pamphlets and started making captions to them. Let's see... I also got to go on a split in Ampefiloha with Elder Munanira, one of the Rwandan Elders. It was pretty weird, not gonna lie, and I'm glad it was for one day. The guy is just so quiet. He's good at english and everything, he just doesn't talk when he doesn't need to. Cool guy, it was just kindof a long split. But yeah, got to see my district areas a little more and it was fun :) 

Aside from that, the work here is going alright. We've been able to find a lot of cool people to teach. Oh and we just found out that one of our investigator couples is going to be getting married this weekend!! I've already talked a little about them, it's Rija and his wife. He was the one who when I first got here was a drunk. But we were able to help clean him up and trying to help them get legally married so they can be baptized and all that other fun stuff. And it's happening finally!! We get to go witness it this saturday. He's one guy that I've always thought about dropping, but then I kept getting this feeling that we should keep going with him and not give up. And now we're seeing the results of our perserverence with them! They're coming to church every week now, and I think they're going to be such great members. I've also told y'all about Joel, a less active who had a smoking problem. He's completely off smoking now and he's coming to church every sunday again! So in my view that's just as good as a baptism, getting people activated again. We've had more of these kind of experiences which I might save for another letter, but looking back I feel good about what I've been able to do here in 67ha. We may not have been having the highest baptism rates in Mada or results that show up on paper, but I feel like we've been the key in changing people lives here. I heard a talk this week, I think it was from President Uchtdorf, but he said that some of the most good you can do can't be measured. I'm looking forward to keep working hard to help people, whatever stage they're at, to get to that exaltation in the celestial kingdom. That's pretty much what it all comes down to. I love this work!

Well I can't think of much else to say right now. We played football today and I only caught one pass, but it was a critical one for a touchdown we needed in the last minutes, so I came through I guess! Anyways, I better get going. 'Til next week! Love you all. Keep being good!!

Elder Mumf

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