Monday, April 6, 2015

I'm 21...

Hey everyone!!

How's it goin', peeps?? Hope all your Easter festivities were fantastic. This email will probably be pretty short because we're still going to go mikaly and stuff. So yeah!

The week as far as the work goes was pretty rough, not gonna lie there. About half of all our scheduled appointments fell through due to people going out of town to visit relatives. The times we did have were still alright though. I don't really have any huge crazy experiences from this week, it was kinda one of those. We did a lot of tracting, and picked up some people who seem pretty solid, so we'll see how that goes. The highlight of the week was our one baptism though!! It happened this past saturday for our investigator named Eric. He's 22 years old and is good friends with a member here. It was kinda hectic because we got to the baptism about 30 minutes before the baptism was to start and there was still no water in the font. We had someone tell us they were taking care of it, but I guess they slacked. So we got it going AND we took the firehose that was nearby and just started filling it up as fast as we can. It was quite the sight! Pictures are up, so jereo. They even had me roll up my pant sleeves and go in the water to check the depth. But when it was filled up, all went so smoothly. Eric had his friend do the baptism and it was so right. He bore such a simple but powerful testimony. And when we asked him how he felt afterwards, he was just so happy and smiling so wide. When we were teaching him, he still hadn't felt like he got a solid answer that all this was true, but still wanted to be baptised. I think he got his answer that day.

To be honest, there's not a whole lot else to share about the week. On Sunday we went out to work and almost everyone was drunk. Guess they were celebrating my birthday right! The birthday was good. It feels really weird to be 21... All grown up on paper, still kid at heart! When we got back to the house that night, I started celebrating with a big 1.5 liter bottle of passion fruit juice and some cookies I had bought the day before. I then went to my room to get something and when I came out again, there were all the other Elders with egg in hand and they had me trapped. They then came up one by one and slammed eggs on my head. Oh in case you don't know that's a tradition here. Whenever there's a birthday, the person gets egged! Haha it was actually more enjoyable than it sounds ;) All in all, an alright birthday. At least it's a story to tell my grandkids right? Haha. All I know is I'm so glad it's pday. I've really needed today. And hopefully things will settle down this week and we'll get more work done.

Anyways, I think that'll do for now! Love you all so much. Have the best week ever!!

Elder Mumf

Wootan, Walker, and Ahlstrom

67ha in a picture

Riz Contonnais

On the roof of the church

Using the firehose to fill the font

Full moon. Had to manararoatra that!

Happy birthday to me

Hiking trip to Itaosy

Lookin' mcfly

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