Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas around the corner

       Hello everyone!! Another week down. And I'm officially 4 months into the mish. Crazy stuff! Anyways, quite the week here. It went a little slower this week just cause everyone was so anxious to hear the transfer news. And it's finally here! More on that later...

       So we also had a zone conference this past week which was really good. We had yet another 70 come by and speak to us, Elder Renlund. He's the head honcho over the Southeast Africa Area. It was great hearing from him, we mostly talked about the most classic topic ever: faith. But I learned a lot from his as well as from President and Sister Adams. Good stuff. And with the zone conference came the two packages from home!! Oh man, I can't tell you guys how excited I was!!! All the creative wrapping and everything! And the presents! Haha not that I know what they are or anything... Anyways, big thanks to all who were in on that! I'll definitely have my pjs on Christmas Eve!

        That awkward moment when you run out of things to talk about... Haha. Not much new other than the conference and the transfer news. Still lovin' the food here, teaching a lot of good times, and sweating like crazy! Haha. My malagasy still isn't quite up to it's potential, but I know it'll come soon enough. Still loving the people here. We have a pretty solid schedule where we teach the same people pretty consistently every week. The days never go exactly according to planned because at least one time falls through for one reason or another, but we're still able to fill up time pretty well, even if we have to tract every once and a while. But yeah, that's pretty much my life right now summed up in a paragraph!

         Anyways, the big news: Elder Moulton is going off to Toliary. That's one of those places that Mada missionaries dream of going, so I'm way jealous of him! As for me I'm staying right here in Tamatave :) Training... Haha kidding! I'll be getting Elder Fisher coming from Tana. I don't know much about him, but from what I've heard he's a cool guy. I'm pretty nervous about leading the area.. But hopefully I can get us to all the people we teach! Haha. It'll be a change that's for sure. But I know it'll be good!

         Sorry this email is kinda short, but we're kinda in a rush today. Elder Moulton is leaving tomorrow bright and early so we've got to continue our 'Veloma tour' as I like to call it, where we go out and say goodbye to a bunch of people. Oh and as for the Christmas Skype, we haven't really heard anything about the plan yet.. I've asked but I guess we have a schedule that we haven't heard about. But as soon as I find out I'll let everyone know. It should be within a day of Christmas. But anyways, I'll get up some pictures! Thanks everyone for your support for me! I love you guys!

-Elder Mumford

Keepin' the Mumford Christmas Tradition going!

This is me with a family of recent converts that we teach! These people are way legit.

We were at a time waiting for someone to join us, so in the mean time me and some of the investigator's kids drew a little bit! It's always fun to whip out a little drawing here and there.

Strawberry Vanilla ice cream. Not much that can compete with that! (Elder Morley in the background acting like he's gonna get some of it)

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