Monday, December 30, 2013

Just Another Good Week :)

       Hellooooo everyone!! First of all, it was so great seeing all of you on the Skype! Up until then it really didn't have the feel of Christmas... Just not the same. But seeing and talking to all of you totally turned that around for me. It definitely made my day, so thanks again!!

       On Christmas Eve, the branch put on a little Christmas program. It was a lot like what you'd see back home actually. The kids all had their little scripts they'd read off of, and there was a choir which I got to be in! It was fun and interesting singing in French and Malagasy. A little changeup from English, but it was fun. All the little kids sang too. All around fun party complete with a sudden power outage! It wouldn't be a Tamatave Christmas without one I suppose :) But we were able to work around that and still have a good time. We were even able to get some of our investigators to go, so there was some successful missionary work done too.

       Christmas Day we had our get together with the missionaries in the other house. We had burgers for lunch (not quite as good as yours, Pa!), a gift exchange, and we also watched a few church videos, like Only a Stonecutter, Mountain of the Lord, and my personal favorite Mr. Kruger's Christmas. In the gift exchange I got 3 of Elder Austin's old ties. Haha well at least they're new to me! It was way nice to be able to hang out with the other missionaries a little and get the spirit of Christmas going. After that, we went around to the times we had scheduled for the day. Only a couple of them were available to learn. But for Christmas Day, I'd still call that pretty decent. Christmas in Madagascar I've heard is a killer for teaching appointments because everyone is out celebrating and busy. So at least we got 2 in! Then came my favorite part of the day, the Skype! I know I've already talked about this, but I can't tell you all how much that meant to me seeing and talking to you all. I love emailing, but it's just not quite the same as face to face. It did not feel like we were on for just over an hour, time FLEW by. But I still felt like we filled it up pretty good. I'm already looking forward to Mother's Day! But I know if I concentrate and keep working hard it'll come soon enough.

       After Christmas it was right back to it. Which it really wasn't hard to adjust at all since Christmas was pretty much a normal day anyways. The rest of the week was the same story as any other, lots and lots of teaching, which is what I like doing most out here. I do have a cold now, which officially makes it my first illness in country! Wohoo! Haha. It's mostly just a runny nose, nothing that'll keep me in, so I'm just glad for that.

       Welp, I think that's about it for my week. Hope everyone is doing as good as you looked on Christmas! When I write next it'll be 2014... So weird to think about! Anyhoo, til then! Love you all!

Tiako ianareo!!

-Elder Mumford

Hey everyone, this is a picture from our zone conference. Thought you'd enjoy. Have a great week everyone!

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