Monday, February 17, 2014

Another Day Gone

        Manahoana indray! It's been another good day. I say day because it really doesn't feel like it's been a week at all. Time definitely hasn't slowed down a bit. But things are still going good here. Ampitatafika is still treating me pretty well and I'm still very much alive and kickin! (Not literally, no worries).

     The work is still going very well. We're teaching lots of solid investigators who are progressing and making their way up to baptism. The attendance at church absolutely errupted! The head count was 200. I haven't seen that many people in one room since sacrament meetings at home. We had to keep pulling in chairs from other rooms until the chappel was absolutely stuffed. I eventually had to share a chair with Randri. Haha. It was so great! And 18 of those were investigators, so hopefully they keep comin.

     We did have 8 baptisms scheduled for the 8th of March, but we ended up rescheduling all of them for the 29th, just cause of vita soratra problems and whatnot. But now we have 12 scheduled for then, so hopefully out of all those we'll have a full bap program for that day. Hopefully the people will just get married and just get it done. Haha. But patience is a virtue! It's a very common problem here. There's lots of people who want to get baptized, but they only get married "fomba gasy" and not legally. The only thing we can do is just keep encouraging them to get it done and show them the blessings that will come from that sacrifice. Hopefully they'll pull through on that. Ho hitansika.

      Ankoatr'izay, not much else to share. Another kinda quiet week as far as interesting things happening. This past week was really good for the language. I just made the decision to be more dedicated to it and give it a 100%. My planner has been full of words I've written down that I didn't recognize. And with the help of my companion it's all up in my noodle now. Still learning, but I'm feeling more and more mahay with each day that passes.

      I'll try to get more up about investigators next week. We're kinda in a hurry today because we're going to the Croc Farm soon! Haha. It's a place with crocs obviosly and lemurs!! I'm way excited for it. My camera will be pretty busy today! Anyways, sorry if I don't get to all of your emails. But just know that I love you all and that your support means everything to me! You guys are the best. Have another great week! Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mumford

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