Monday, February 3, 2014

Rainy Week in Ampitatafika

       Manahoana daholo io! Hey everyone! It's been another good week here in my new area. And it's been raining every day! I'd say it's already rained here more than it ever did in Tamatave which is weird, but true. Aside from it being muddy, I'll take the rain any chance I can get!

      The work is still going well. I'm still getting to know my way around this place. It's weird replacing my bike with bus rides and walking everywhere, but I'm liking it just fine. There's a lot more roads and things for me to remember here, but I'm gettin there! I don't really know a whole lot about our investigators yet, so details on them might need to come in another letter... But we have lots of new ones on our program. I didn't mention this last week, but we were actually working two areas, here in Ampitatafika and in a place called Tanjombato. That area was closed, so we've had to stop by there a little. It's been hard cause it's a good hour bus ride away. But we got the news this week that we'll have missionaries back over there. Wahoo!!! Haha. Lots of stress off our shoulders. It's been nice just focusing on Ampitatafika now. There's about 30 missionaries working in Tana I think now. But Tana is huge, so it's all divided up. Our area is about as far away from the office as any area in Tana, but I'm still loving it.

      I also forgot to mention we had a baptism last week! I left 5 baptisms in Tamatave, but I still got to be here for a few. Plus I got to baptize a kid. It's such a cool experience! Pictures to come. As far as I know, the baptisms all went through in Tamatave. Haven't heard anything yet, but we'll see. And yesterday we had special visitors come to church with us! Sister Cloward and Elder Cloward that work at the office, Elder Jaques something of the Area Seventy, and a couple others that I can't remember the names of from Salt Lake. I got to sit with them and be one of the Translators, which was stressful at first, but I then realized that I my understanding in Malagasy has gotten way better. There were gaps, but I was at least able to get the main ideas across. So that was a great experience for me! I'm glad they were able to come with us.

      Other than that, not really much new. Just still doing good here in Madagascar. I know this email was pretty short, but I'd like to get some more personal emails in this week and try to get pictures. I love all of you! Have a great week everyone! Tiako ianareo!

-Elder Mumford

Me with some of our visitors we had at church! I forgot their names... So maybe if you recognize them you could tell me.

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