Monday, February 24, 2014

Fosas, Crocodiles, and Lemurs. Oh my!!

Hello once again!! How is everyone? Hope all is well. It's been another good day for me here. To be honest, the weeks have been flying by so fast that it's hard to think back to anything interesting that has happened. Every day  is pretty much the same story: get up, eat, study, eat some more, go to work, eat, and sleep all repeated 7 times. Haha. But I'll try to get some good stuff in here.

The highlight of the week would definitely have to be going to the Croc Farm last P-Day. It was so cool! It was just like a zoo you'd find in America, only a little smaller. There were, of course, crocodiles. Lots and lots of them. Except they were all locked up in these big exhibits so we didn't get to touch them. Oh well. I survived. Ha ha ha. I'm so funny ;) They had a huge-o turtle there too! If I were to curl up in a ball, I still might not be as big as that thing. Crazy! Saw some fosas too, they were in cages also, but they were still pretty interesting to look at. They look basically just like giant rats! The best part of it all though was definitely the lemurs! I finally got to see some up close and personal. There was a little area where they were all jumping around from tree to tree. It's stunning to watch it in real life. They're incredible! They weren't the type of lemur that climbs all over you. But I still got them to come down and eat from my hand! Their little hands are so soft! Haha. It was a way fun experience. Hopefully I can get some pictures up this week. But if not, I'll try soon! We also got to go with a few other missionaries from our zone. So that was fun. The airport is right next to the Croc Farm, so there were planes coming in and out. One of the older missionaries tried to pull the whole, "So how far away do you think that plane is?" Luckily Elder Moulton warned me of that ahead of time, so I straight up said, "18 months" and they were totally stumped. Haha so that felt good. I also got to hang out with my boi Elder Rice, and it was nice to be around him and catch up a little.

The rest of the week was kinda uneventful, other than the awesome teaching we got to do of course. We have some pretty mazoto investigators that have consistently been coming to church and progressing, so our bap program for the 29 is looking promising. One of my favorite investigators is a younger-ish couple named Michelle and Ninah. They had just started learning by the time I got here and since then they've been very involved in the church. Last week we noticed that they had some alcoholic beverages in they cupboards, so we went ahead and taught them about the Tenin'ny Fahendrena and they were very accepting of it. They said the drinks weren't theirs but someone else's that lives nearby. I still don't get why they had them, but at the following time, there wasn't a trace of them to be found. Ninah drinks coffee, but she's quitting now. It's just so cool to have people like that who are so ready to change. And I know they're going to be blessed for it. So there you have it, the investigator spotlight of the week. Haha.

Not much else to say, just still chuggin along. Randri has had me lead more and more of our times, and I'm getting pretty comfortable that I could hold my own if I had to. It's good preparation for when I get a trainee next week! Haha kidding *knock on wood* This transfer news likely won't affect me at all, except that's what I said last time and look what happened. Haha. Guess you never know! It's insane how fast this transfer has gone. I feel like yesterday I made that extremely long bus ride from Tamatave. Time is ticking! Anyhoo, the language is still coming along, me and Elder Randrianantenaina are still workin hard out here. All is still well here! Hope y'all have a dandy week!! Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mum

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