Monday, March 3, 2014

Ny Curveball Faharoa

Hey everyone!! How is my fianakaviako sy ny namako doing? Hope things are still going good. Things here have been very interesting this week to say the least... And yes, I say week because this one felt more like one. Haha. But more on that in a sec.

So... Remember last email when I was joking around about transfer news and how it wouldn't have any effect on me? Yeah. Should not have done that. I even knew it at the time, but I just figured I was safe. That same night we got a call from our zone leaders and - you guessed it! - emergency transfer. I don't know all the details about it, but I guess there was some kind of problem in another area. Anyways, Elder Randrianantenaina was gone pretty much before I could catch my breath. And the other thing, I didn't get a new companion out of it. So I had to wait until yesterday for transfer news to know what was going on. So I've been kindof a loner this week. Haha not really, but it kindof felt like it. I got to go with the missionaries that work in Itaosy, the others that live in our house. It was interesting getting to see another area and new faces. But I was also able to go on a few ward missionary splits. One of them, Frere Joseph, is a rockstar and has pretty much been my companion when I wasn't with the other missionaries. So that was a big help and I was still able to get some work done despite the sudden news. It was a pretty overwhelming feeling at first when I pretty much got handed everything that has to do with Ampitatafika. But it hasn't been so bad. I'll just really have to work with the ward to sort out the things I don't know. Doing my best out here, that's about all I can do.

The news! So here's how it's all going down. Elder Ratsimbarson, the other Elder working Itaosy, is leaving to another area, and now me and Elder Connault are going to be working both Ampitatafika and Itaosy. Crazy huh? I'm with a French guy now! Haha. He's pretty good at English, but has a way thick accent so it's hard to understand sometimes. Maybe I'll learn French too! Who knows. He's a cool guy. It'll be a little weird being in a big house with just the two of us. It'll be interesting at first, but we'll see how it goes. Looking forward to working with him. And it'll be a challenge working two huge areas, but we'll just have to clean up our schedules and find a way to make it work. So here it goes!

Other than that... Kindof a lamina damina week, meaning kinda uneventful. Just buckling up for what lies ahead. It should be fun though. Today I'm on a split with Elder Bowler, from my MTC group because his comp is going home. So it's been a fun P-Day with him so far. Got to play some soccer with the other missionaries and have lunch. And we'll probably do a little shopping after this and then chill at the house. That pretty much sums up everything I think. Still working at the language. This past week was good for that, leading all the times and everything. Still struggle sometimes but in the ankapobeny, still gettin there. I love you all! I'm gonna get to some other things and hopefully get some pics up. So I'll catch y'all in a week! Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mum
Lemur Time!!

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