Monday, March 31, 2014

The Big Roapolo

Hellooooo!!! How's everyone doing this week? Aoka... Tomorrow is April isn't it? That is so strange to me. Oh yeah, and I'm turning 20. No biggie. Haha I don't know if I'm ready to give up my teenage years yet. Mostly because I still feel like a little kid sometimes. Haha but I guess some of us have to grow up sometime! (But not all of us ;)

This week has been another good one. We're still seeing lots of progress in the area of Ampitatafika. A few of our investigators weren't able to come to church because of family that was sick, but I'd still say overall, all of our investigators are still making steps to baptism. We're still waiting on some of them to get vita soratra, so hopefully that all works out in time!

The language is still mandroso-ing. Loving the ohabolanas. I almost crave them! It gives me and investigators a good conversation when I ask them if there's any ohabolanas I should know and they're always more than happy to load me up on them. One of my favorites is, "Trano bongo misy ronono, ka sarotra atao malahelo." Aribakiteny: The humble house has milk, so it's hard to be sad! It's a good one for when you walk into someone's house and they're apologizing for how messy or small it is or what not. It just kinda means that as long as you have a roof over your head, it'll do. So that's your ohabolana for the week :)

This week I got to go on a split with a Malagasy Elder in a place called Tanjombato. He's Elder Bowler's kid, so he's still pretty new to everything. It was cool seeing how well I could talk to him and it was kinda fun showing him the ropes a little bit with how the work goes and stuff. I love splits because of how much I learn and because of the progress that I see in my Malagasy and everything. This week I get to go on a split with my boi Elder Bowler, so I'm excited for that.

Not a whole lot new to share this week as far as crazy adventures or whatnot. So... Investigator spotlight! There's a couple that we just recently started teaching that was a referral from a member. Paul and Lova are their names. They're a younger couple and just so fun and cool. Everytime we go to their house they always have a bowl of voamanga or sonjy for us. I'll have to get pictures, but they're like a type of root that have the consistency of a potato but sweeter! So good. Anyways, like I said, they haven't been learning long yet. Maybe two weeks now. They've been coming to church every week though. Yesterday we had a cool experience with them. They had just gotten Ny Bokin'i Mormona and we gave them a little homework in it the lesson before, so I asked them how the reading was coming along. Then the first thing Lova said to me was, "Tena tsapako fa marina izany" I feel that it's true. And Paul was saying the same thing. So later on in that lesson I asked them if they were ready for baptism and both of them just perked up and said "Vonona ka!" Ready! And they said it like they've been waiting for us to ask them that for a long time now. It was just so cool to see people that were so ready to commit for that. So May 10th it is! Haha. I'm way excited for them and I really hope everything works out for them. They're already vita soratra, so there's half the battle!

I'm trying to think of anything else, but my mind is kinda drawing a blank. Not a really exciting week, just still preachin and teachin like missionaries do. All is well! I'm gonna get some pics up and whatnot, so 'til next week! Tiako ianareo daholo!!! Mazotoa!!


P.S. Got the packages today!!! It's gonna be so hard to wait until Saturday to open them, but thank you so much!!! You guys are the best :)

Video!! Hey everyone, so I'm finally trying this out hoping that it'll work. This was when we were waiting for our investigators to get back from the market. And since they live right next to the river, we just decided to take 5 and skip some rocks. Enjoy!

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