Monday, April 14, 2014

Mangastiaka Tsara

Hey all! Oh how I love P-day when I get to talk to family and friends :) I hope everything is going well back on the other side of the world! Things are still going here and going well. It's been kindof a weird one this week. One phrase I heard so many times this week was, "Tsy ao izy!" or 'He's not here!'. Lots of times weren't able to happen due to the lack of husbands and fathers at their homes. Which it normally wouldn't be a problem since we usually have Frere Joseph with us so that we can still teach. But the rule is that we can't teach women and children without another dude with us. On the plus side it opened up our program for some more contacting! Haha I'm not the biggest fan of it, but sometimes there's no choice. We've actually gotten pretty good at it, and we've gotten quite a few return times. Now how many of those return times will turn into solid investigators? Ho hitantsika. We shall see. But hopefully a few of them at least. Our investigators are still doing well. The baptisms for this saturday are a go! So unless something goes terribly wrong, it's actually going to happen now. Haha. We have 5 set so far. It's possible a couple of them will trickle in there, but the rest will probably be in May. We just have more teaching to get them ready and also we're waiting on a few vita soratras. But I feel like our future is bright for more baptisms in May. Overall, the work is going well in this wonderland we know as Ampitatafika.

I also got to go on a split with my homi Elder Jensen, who was Zone Leader in Tamatave back when I was there and who is now an AP. So I went with him in his area and got to be AP for a day! Haha I think if anything it made me want to be an AP less. We were at the office for a good part of the day and I finally just ended up splitting with Elder Cartmill, an Office Elder. And you guys might remember Elder Cartmill from that picture that man took of us at the London Airport. He's a cool guy, and it was nice to get to go to work with him and kindof catch up on life and the mission.

This is where things get a little interesting. So we had interviews with President back on Wednesday. It went great, so no worries there, haha :) But he told Elder Connault that he's thinking about sending him to Reunion because he needs someone who speaks Malagasy there. So he told me basically that I need to get to know Itaosy well. And this was at the beginning of the week, so the 5 days before transfer news I was just hoping and praying that Elder Connault would still be here so I could still learn Itaosy from him before I left. And the transfer news last night was a little interesting. We're both staying, but also we'll have a Malagasy missionary. So we'll be in a trio! Haha so that should be fun. I'm looking forward to it. It'll be interesting to see what the next transfer holds, but it's looking like some interesting stuff will go down. Oh and it's been made pretty clear to us that Ampitatafika and Itaosy won't be splitting up any time soon. More missionaries are leaving than coming in, and it'll be that way until about September if I heard right. Tena tsy ampy ny misionera! There's not enough missionaries! But we'll deal.

Other than all of that Utah Jazz, I can't really think of much else to write for this week. Still learning that teny malagasy and working hard at that. Me and Canoober are still getting along well. But. Yeah, that's kindof where I'm at right now. Just chugging along! Oh and by the way, it's cold here now! I never thought I would say that. But especially at night, I've been shivering! Maybe I'll have to go buy an akanjo ba today, but we'll see. And we've been using a heater at night. It's sure different from those days in Tamatave!

Okay I think that's really it. I'll get some pics up on the interwebs and email y'all! Have a great week everyone! Tiako ianareo daholo! 

-Elder Mums

P.S. Tsy misy mamy noho ny zanaka, fa raha manaikitra ny nono dia akifika! :)

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