Monday, April 28, 2014

Vaoteraka ny Zanako! And Conference!

Hey hey!! Guess who. Yeah, it's just that one vazaha out here in Madagascar again. What a week! It's been a little bit of an unusual one, but still good. Where do I start...

So in the beginning of the week I was trying to get out on splits with ward missionaries as much as I could so that I could kindof start solidifying a new schedule. But only on Wednesday was I able to do that, so I still worked in Itaosy a little longer with our trio. I think I'm actually going to miss Itaosy a little, even though I didn't work there that long. There's some great people there. Plus I'm gonna miss working with Elder Connoober, we've had some great times packed in those 6 weeks. But I'm also looking forward to focusing on Ampitatafika from now on.

That brings be to the next point, I'm a trainer now!! That's weird. Haha. Feels like just yesterday I was still with Elder Moulton. Crazy stuff man. Anyways, on Friday I was told to go to the office by the APs and I was told I could come alone. Yeah, that made for such a weird hour long bus ride to the office. Nothing like that bus from Tamatave, but still. I'm gonna have some serious companion separation anxiety when I get home! Haha :) But I finally got there, popped a squat on a couch and waited for about another hour. Then the APs and President Adams walked in with my little baby!! Haha okay, he's not a baby, but I'm sure he feels like it right now ;) His name is Elder Hull and he's from Virginia, about 10 minutes outside of D.C., so that's cool! He's a way good volleyball player who's going to play for some university in California when he gets back. I just forgot the name of it. Anyways, the reason he came at a random time is because he tore ligaments in his ankle playing basketball at the MTC. So he went ahead and finished up the MTC with doctor's appointments and stuff and then went back to his home for another 7 weeks to do rehab. Crazy right? I'm just glad he's doing alright now, we do lots of walking! But I'll try to take it a little easier on him for that. He's a great guy, super nice. Kinda like me, a little on the quieter side, but that's not a problem for me. We haven't had many chances to teach together yet with all kinds of stuff going on this week with lots of meetings, and then Conference, but he's already making progress on the Malagasy. Every time he speaks Malagasy it makes me smile a little bit, not because it's funny to watch him struggle, but because it takes me back to when I first got in country and how I probably sounded the same way with my thick american accent and how there were things I was really stuggling with. But if I got better at it, I know he can! I'm trying to get him as involved in lessons and stuff as much I can and just doing my best to be a good example. But so far it's been fun being the mentor, if you will. Wow this paragraph got long... Haha.

We also got to watch Conference!! That was good. By the end of it I kinda felt like sleeping, but I enjoyed it. On Saturday we all got to go to the office to watch 3 sessions in English with other missionaries which basically took all day. Then Sunday we all watched the first Sunday Session with our wards in Malagasy. I was surprised, when I payed attention I could get most of it. The thing that's so hard about listening to it in conference is that the speakers use such a broad vocabulary, things that not even a lot of Malagasies know. But it still went well. Haha poor Elder Hull, didn't get a thing out of it so he just caught up on some sleep. Then we got to go watch the last Session at the office again. I just loved it! I think my favorite talk was by President Uchtdorf talking about how the Restoration isn't just something that happened and is done, but is still going. Don't sleep through the Restoration! Honestly right now I'm having a hard time remembering the talks... But I did take good notes! So be proud. ;)

Other than all that, not much happened during the week. Conference pretty much took up the whole weekend on our schedule and getting my trainee and going through orientation again took another solid day. Zone meeting took up another good chunk. It's been quite the week. But nonetheless, a good one. I'll get on to some pics and other emails for ya. Have a great week everyone! Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mumf

My little trainee Elder Hull!

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