Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hey everyone! Well. I'm at the office right now just to let you guys know that I probably won't be able to email today. Everyone celebrates Easter like crazy here and because of that, no cybers are open. But I should be able to get back on tomorrow. But just letting y'all know that I'm still alive and well. I have a lot to tell about the week and I wish I could tell all about it right now, but I gotta go now. Rahampitso indray!!! Tiako ianareo! And yes. I do mean that! 'Til tomorrow!

-Elder Mumf

P.S. I was able to get pictures up today, so enjoy!

Ny Batisa sy ny Curveball Fahatelo

Hey everyone! I'm baaaaack! Haha. It feels weird writing my emails on a tuesday instead of mondays, but it is what it is  I suppose. Yesterday was a little crazy. Easter is probably the most celebrated holiday here. We were having a hard time getting a bus just to go to the office. The streets  were  filled and so were the busses. But we finally made it and when we got there we got word from the missionaries to not even try to go out and do anything. Absolutely nothing was open yesterday. Except for the bottles! Yep. Lots and lots of drunk people. So we got a lot of relaxation time at the house yesterday. Haha not my favorite Pday ever, but just glad it's over and I have a chance to email now :)

It's been another good week. The time is still a flying. Oh and this keyboard is being weird, so sorry if something makes no sense. Haha. But yeah, we had 5 baptisms this week, so no complaints there! There was a great turnout for it too. As you've probably seen already, I got some good pics too. I  got to baptise a guy named Michel who'spretty tall. Well. For a malagasy at least. I also got to baptise a kid named Faniry. There were 2 different families that got baptised. Michel and his wife Ninah and Soeur Mireille and her 3 kids. Baptisms are always so cool to be a part of, but I'd say especially this one because me and Elder Randrianantenaina started teaching them, so I got to see them progress all the way to baptism. I'm just so glad it all worked out! Funny little  story. When I was  on my way to get changed into dry clothes I made a comment that the floor inside was dirty,  because nobody else was wearing sandals or anything on their feet. But one guy in our ward said, "The floor may be dirty, but the people in that chapel are clean!" I liked that :)

We also got our new companion this week. Elder Andriamanganoro is his name. He's... an interesting character. He's a genius first of all. He knows English, French, Spanish, and some Chinese. Super smart. But he's the kind of guy who knows it and there's the feeling that he thinks he's better than everyone because of it. I dunno. Hopefully I'm wrong and things will get better. It's still pretty early to tell. We'll see! I'm just kinda glad I won't be his companion for long. More on that in a  sec.

Not much else happened during the week. Just still teaching and still  working hard out here. The    malagasy is still a struggle from time to time but for the most part I'm getting around just fine. Let's see... It's funny how I figured  I'd have lots to say this week, but  other than those 2 big things, it's pretty much the same as any other. But there is one more thing! So I got a call from the AP's earlier this week  and they told me that there would be another transfer this Friday and that we'd be receiving a new missionary. So that means I'm training! TRAINING!!! Haha I'm excited about it actually :) If I was asked to train 3 months ago I'd probably be scared, but with where I'm at now I feel like I'm prepared and up for the challenge. Plus I get to focus my efforts on just Ampitatafika now. So I'm looking forward to that. AND we get to watch conference this week. I'm excited to finally get to watch that! Should be a fun week :)

Anyways, I don't have much more time because we gotta get back out to work  soon. So I'm sorry if I don't have time for a few emails, but I'm gonna try my best! I love you guys! Have an outstanding  week! Tiako ianareo!!!

-Elder Mum

The new dress and grooming guidelines for missionaries. Coming soon!

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