Monday, May 5, 2014

Where did April go?

Hey everyone!!! Salama ve? Tsara izany. Madagasikara is still keeping me alive and well. This week fleeeeeeeeew by. April fleeeeeeeeew by. The past 9 months have flown, really. Guess the time flies when you're having fun! And that's exactly what I've been having :)

This week has been pretty good. It's been a little interesting, because we've basically had 3 days in our program to fill. Before, we worked 3 days in Itaosy and 3 in Ampitatafika, but now that the areas are split again those 3 days became very free and open. So we've kindof spread out our times across the whole week so that there isn't any one day where we have no lessons. We've had some referrals from members, so that's helped a great deal to fill up our time. But as always when we don't have times lined up for us to go teach, we gotta go find 'em ourselves. Haha. Yeah, we did quite a bit of porte a porte this week. 6.5 hours worth! More than I've ever done. But it actually proved to be effective. We were able to find some people that are open to hearing our message and we were able to get some phone numbers. So hopefully we'll have some solid investigators from that. We had kindof a funny experience this week. So we were walking around looking for people to talk to, when this malagasy comes up to our side and said in a perfect american accent, "Hey guys, how's it going?" Me and Elder Hull both did a double take. We proceeded to talk to him in English (Felt so weird!) and he said he had learned from missionaries before. He gave us his number and told us to stop by when we were around. Way cool! While we had a lot of people have the classic excuse of "mbola manao zavatra" and didn't want anything to do with us, we were still able to find people that greeted us with a smile and wanted to hear more. I also found that tracting can be fun if you let it be! There were times where we would just talk to people on the side of the street, and at first just have a normal conversation. But almost always it led into talking about the church and inviting them, which is way more effective than just going up to people and giving the same little speel. Wow this paragraph is long! Sorry, but anyways, hopefully we'll see some results from our finding.

The investigators we have now are still doing well. We got one of them to quit coffee! Booyah. Other than that, just still teaching them and helping them get ready for baptism. We're hoping to have a few more coming up on the 17th, but we'll see how it goes.

Me and Hullskies are still doing well. He's still somary sahirana amin'ny teny gasy, but it's okay. We were all there! Elder Hull is a great guy though. It's fun working with him, even though I'm doing most of the things we do. But I'm trying to have him as involved as possible in the things we do around here. Maybe when we do a little tracting this week I'll knock on a door, move out of the way, and say "here you go Elder Hull! Mazotoa!" Muahahahaha! Okay, maybe not quite that mean, but I'll still push him so that he can learn. It's really the only way. But yeah, so far I'm liking being a trainer. It's weird and stressful at times, but anytime I feel even a little frustrated I just reflect about how I was when I got here and immediately all of it vanishes. Haha. But we're having fun out here, and I'm getting a lot more practice with Malagasy in, so that helps!

Let's see... Can't really think of anything else to say for now. Mother's Day is coming up!! To be honest, it kinda snuck up on me and I haven't really made any plans for how the Skype is going to work... But we will! I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to yet. Usually we kinda get an outline for when we should do it from the mission, but that hasn't come. So I'll ask around and as soon as I know I can send a quick email from a cyber to let y'all know when it'll be. Sorry I don't have an answer for that now... But I'll get that out once I know when we can! I'm so excited!!!

I think that'll do it for this week. Just still keepin at it! Have a great week everyone!!! Tiako ianareo!!!


-Elder Mumford

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