Monday, February 16, 2015

Soaked Shoes

Hey hey everyone! How's it going? This is probably my favorite part of the week, getting to tell ianareo about my week and hear about how everyone is doing.

We're still hanging in there pretty well here in the old 67ha. This week we had a goal to hit 30 total hours of proselyting. The mission goal every week is 28. This includes time in lessons as well as time finding people, like tracting and talking to people on the streets. We came super close, we got 29.6 hours. But we're still happy with the effort we put into it. It took lots of discipline. When times fall through, whadayado? Go out and talk to people close by until your next time. And because of that we came across a lot of people. Probably at least a quarter of them ended up being drunk, some were kinda stuck up, but then again there were some very nice and interesting people who could potentially be investigators. Like one time there was a banana seller that randomly asked us what time it was as we were walking by and I happily replied, "Amin'ny enina izao." And they got all excited that I speak malagasy and seemed genuinely interested about what we're doing. Then there was another time where a man stopped us and wanted us to come to his house. He was in a pretty apostate church and wanted some spiritual help. I'm not sure if he was drunk or just crazy, but we get there and he thanks us a million times before we even say anything. When we asked if we could start with a prayer he said, "I must bow down to you!" and so he did and while doing so prayed to Jesus. Pretty interesting stuff like that. So yeah, those were the highlights of our adventures of the week!

One lesson I learned this week was kinda your classic K.I.S.S., something my 5th grade teacher Mr. Lance taught all of his students. Keep It Simple Stupid! It's amazing how the simplest things can be the most powerful. I learned that while teaching this one couple. It's interesting, the guy is malagasy and his wife is spanish and doesn't speak much malagasy. So as we were teaching about Joseph Smith, he was translating to her in spanish. It forced me to use simpler, more powerful statements and I really felt the spirit as it testified to me and to them that this is all true. Because it IS! We gave them a Book of Mormon and now they're excited to read it. So yes, sometimes simpler is just better.

Elder Walker is still doing well and adjusting to his life here in Tana. He doesn't care too much for the crazy bus system or the crowded markets that reak of rotting fish in our area, but we're still having some fun out here. He's already way good at the language for how long he's been here and it's fun to watch and help him progress and teach him what I've learned through experience. Oh and we found this SUPER good place that makes juice. It's a lot like Jamba Juice actually, just without the crushed ice. We stop there almost every day now and I get a liter and a half of banana juice. Which is funny because before the mish I wouldn't take anything with banana in it. Guess that's what Mada bananas do to ya!

That's about all the things that really stuck out to me this week. Every day it seems like I'm coming home with my pant sleeves rolled up to my knees with completely soaked through shoes. I'm sure I'll look back on all this and miss these days, even if it's not the funnest right now. I didn't even realize it was Valentine's day this past week until I got here. But even if this is a little late I hope yall can feel my love for ya! I'm such a lucky dog to be out here and with all my loved ones back there supporting me. Have a great week everyone! Tiako ianareo marina dia marina tokoa!

-Elder Mumf

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