Monday, February 9, 2015

The Texas Ranger

Howdy y'all! How's it going back there where it's really dry?? Yeah, it's still been pretty wet out here. Surprisingly enough it hasn't rained for about half the week. And of course the one day I don't take my umbrella because I think it won't rain, it does. So I'm a little wet, but tsy manahy. So that's my little weather update for you.

So this week I got my second kid!! First of all I dropped off Elder Tiu at the office to go to Tamatave and I got to be on a split with one of the visa waiters going to South Africa. I don't think I've mentioned that before. There were a bunch of malagasy misisonaries who had problems with their visa's to go there, so about 8 of them have been scattered around working in different areas in threesomes. Elder Razafindrakoto is the one staying with the Itaosy Elders and was with me while I waited for my kid. It's always fun just speaking malagasy all day, even through studies. Thursday morning I went to the office and there he was! Elder Walker is his name. He came along with a Sister who's in Reunion right now, so we we had some company in the training meeting. It's funny because they were briefing him about all the things to watch out for in Mada and they just turned to the Sister and told her pretty much she had nothing to worry about since she'd pretty much be in France. Oh the joys of 3rd world countries ;) In that meeting we went through and talked about all the places in Mada and we got to Mahajanga... I wanna go back so bad!! But this is where I need to be.

Anyways, Elder Walker is from Texas in the San Antonio area. His family has moved a lot around America and so no, he doesn't have that accent. He's adopted from Colorado and the oldest in his family. He's 18 and just graduated high school. Before the mish he made pizzas. He did track before the mission as well. And it's been fun to be with him so far. He was the only one in his group, so he got lots of Malagasy practice in. He's already way good and he pushes himself to speak, so being his trainer is no biggie. I just help him along the way. But yeah, there's a little bit about my new trainee!

This week as far as the work goes went a little better. We were able to tract into a lot of our times and find some families. I learned a big lesson this week about faith! So we went one day and did a little tracting since we had some time before the next lesson. And from one house we hear some girls calling us vazaha and so we went and talked to them and asked if their parents were home. They were and they immediately let us in and we had a little lesson about the restoration and Joseph Smith. Rajaona and Noeline were the names of the couple. They seemed pretty interested in it and afterwards they said they'd be at church the next day. Now I can't tell you how many times people have said that to me and they never do come. So I just thought to myself that there's no way it's gonna happen, especially after just one time with them. To our surprise, Noeline came! And by the time we greeted her she had already made friends in the ward and sat by them in the Gospel Principles class and everything. So that was my little lesson I learned this week about faith. To have some! I have the restored truth in my hand and it has power to change the lives of people. And hopefully for Noeline and her family this is the start of a big change in their lives. All because we decided to talk to those girls calling us vazahas.

Anyways, I think that'll pretty much do it for this week. We were a little late today and we gotta get back out to work soon. Got some pics up on the bucket so ankafizo ary! I love you all. And yes I mean that! Get back to yall in a week! Oh and it's my chick mish. How crazy is that??? 18 months down. I'm gettin old! Love you all!


don't even wanna know

About as scenic as it gets here

One pregger cat!

Me and Elder Tiu

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