Monday, February 2, 2015

Mumford and Son(s)!

Yeah, I've got some transfer news. And it directly affects me. But you all know the drill. Either read the whole letter before or be a chump and scroll to the end, take your pick!

So this week went alright. Still very wet and more wading through uncharted waters but what's new. Doing our best to find some fresh new faces to teach. We have some cool people on the program, but not many progressing. Could be doing a little cleaning up of the program here along with some finding. Sometimes when they don't come to you, you gotta go to them right? Right.

As far as a cool experience I had this week, here's one. So we have this couple that's learning from us and still waiting on some money so they can get legally married. We weren't exactly prepared with a lesson to share with them one night, so we talked about their Book of Mormon reading and all that and how their saving up was going and afterwards asked if they had any questions. They then asked how they can get money to take care of everything they need, because it always seems to just disappear before they can save any of it. That's when we reviewed about Tithing :) They had already learned about it, but I guess the missionaries before barely skimmed over it and didn't go into real depth. We talked about it and the blessings that we receive from paying one tenth. They were kinda blown away and didn't realize before that they could do something like that and receive blessings. Without hesitation they accepted to live the Law of Tithing. I know if they do that that they're going to see great blessings in their lives like I've seen in mine through living that law. Rija and Elina are their names :) Now they just need to get to church! Haha. As with so many of the people we teach.

Yeah, so we still have a lot of stuff to do before we go out to work, so this will be pretty short and to the point. I guess I'll let the transfer news out! So Elder Tiu will be going out to Tamatave (the lucky turd) and I'll be getting a brand new trainee!! His name is Elder Walker and he's from Texas. Yes. Walker the Texas Ranger. I'm pretty excited about it, it'll be fun to train again! I actually already knew I'd be training since last Monday night, because we got a hint from a reliable source and it was, "He already has one son and with this, it will complete the pun in his name". So yep, now it's official. Mumford and sons! It'll be an adventure. Plus this means I'm pretty much guaranteed one more area after this that I'll stay in for 2 transfers. We'll see what the future brings!

Anyways, with Elder Tiu leaving tomorrow, we still have stuff we gotta do to get ready for that. But I love you all!! Have an awesome week!!! Tiako ianareo!!

-Elder Mumford :)

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