Monday, February 23, 2015


Salama tompoko! How is everyone? Hope y'all had an awesome week. Things here in 67ha are still dandy! Still coming home every night with waterlogged shoes. Guess I should learn by now to pack some sandals, but honestly I don't even really care anymore. It is what it is!

So this week we had zone conference!! It was a pretty balling time. It took up the whole Thursday, but it was well worth it. President told us that our zone has the best stats he's seen since he's been here. Which obviously it's not about numbers, but that's still pretty cool. Oh and I got to be one of the translators for the malagasy missionaries there for a while. I found that translating from english to malagasy to english is way easier than the other way around. I was probably talking faster than I'd ever done before, but it felt so good when I was done. We talked about the importance of planning for success in the time we have in the mornings. That was basically the big thing we learned about which was definitely good. It's like a fisherman. He can be out of his house all day, but how much time is spent in preparation to go out? He's gotta bring the right bait and everything else so that he can be successful. Much like a missionary. We spend a lot of time getting prepared so that when we're out we're using the time effectively. We also had a nice surprise, we got to watch Meet the Mormons! It made me so happy that I got to see that. I absolutely loved it! Especially the part about the Candy Bomber. And also seeing that guy opening his call took me right back to those same chills and excitement. And I'm in flippin' Madagascar. I'm pretty dang lucky to be here.

As for other news, not a whole lot. We didn't quite get as many hours in as last week, but the zone conference is kinda to blame for that. We still got close though! 25 hours. This week we're totally gonna get it. Oh! And we have a baptism this week :) Bertha is her name. She's been learning for about 2 years now waiting to get legally married. She got the marriage done a few months ago and she's finally getting baptized on Saturday. Her husband also seems interested, he's just always at work. But we're hoping this pushes him to want baptism too. I'm excited. My first baptism in 67ha. And my first in a poo river!! Pictures to come next week. Me and Elder Walker are still doing good. The dude is already mahay. So it's nice that even though he's a trainee, that I still have someone who can handle responsibilities. Funny moment. We got absolutely dumped on with rain the other night and so everything, even the main roads were flooded up to our knees. We were walking and then all of a sudden the sidewalk disappeared from under me and I fell in a hole up to my waist. Luckily I was able to get out of it quickly. I just got up and kept going. I think I learned something about myself there. I could've just had it and went home early or something, but I just kept going and we ended up having a great night. You just gotta be willing to laugh at yourself sometimes and keep going. So yeah, that's about it! I'm trying to think of something else, but I'm kinda out. We're almost out of time here and I still gotta get to your guys' emails! I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!! Tiako ianareo!!!

Aza maditra,

-Elder Mumf

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